Hercules dj console

hallo ich habe die hercules dj console und die scheint nicht in mix zu funktioniern. ich hab nix dazu im forum gefunden. kann mir jemand sagen ob mann die irgendwie in mixxx zum laufen bringen kann. wäre super weil ich weis nicht mehr weiter

I recommend asking in English, this increases probability that someone will reply.

What OS are you on (Windoes/Linux/macOS)? What Mixxx version? What exactly doesn’t work? Does it show up in the controller list in the preferences?

I have a windows 10 pc and nothing is displayed in mixxx. therefore I ask if you can use this controller via mixxx and adjust it. I can’t handle the controller setting in mixx because, firstly, I am not familiar with it and have never done anything like that


To get started with the original Hercules DJ Console, may I suggest taking a look at the following documents from the Hercules support site (where you’ll also find the appropriate drivers) :

How can I verify that my DJ Console is correctly installed on my PC ?

How can I verify that the DJ Console is working correctly as a MIDI controller?

What is ASIO and how do I use it?

Knowing this, you will then be able to use the console’s own control panel to make the proper configurations before launching Mixxx. Once done, refer to the user manual to proceed with the configuration in Mixxx:

6.3. Laptop and External USB Audio Interface

If you have more questions afterward, let us know.

nothing is happening. I said I don’t know about it. then i can only say mixxx is useless as software for me and neither is the controller.

So, looking at the documents mentioned above, did you first verified that the DJ Console was at least installed and detected properly by Windows ?

If this was not the case, then there is no point in trying Mixxx.

yes the controller is installed there and goes so far too. But not in mixxx and I already said that I don’t know how to do it in mixxx. I have no idea about these midi mappings or what it’s called.

All right then. This is a good start!

Because you had mentioned that you know nothing about this controller, I purposely provided you with the link to the documents to read so you can get familiar to it before attempting to configure it with Mixxx. I think you might just be a little eager and putting the cart before the horse. Go easy and take it one step at a time.

So knowing that the DJConsole is properly installed, then you can look at the two following documents which will tell you a) how to set the ASIO audio mode and b) configure the MIDI from the DJConsole control panel (the little green alien icon you’ll find in the Notification Area).

Once this is done, you’ll be able to move to the next part: launch Mixxx and proceed to configuring the DJConsole so the software actually knows what you are using.

Instructions how to set up a controller in Mixxx can be found in the manual: https://manual.mixxx.org/2.2/en/chapters/controlling_mixxx.html#loading-a-controller-preset

If you have problems, please describe exactly what step isn’t working for you.