Hercules DJ Control Instinct

This relatively new controller has integrated audio devices for connecting head phones directly to the controller.

Does anybody have experience with using this controller and Mixxx?

In case not: How likely is it that it will work by default considering that a couple for Hercules controllers proved to work?



Hi ferber,

If the integrated soundcards have system drivers then they will likely work fine with Mixxx (of course, you will need to either make a MIDI preset or find one created by another Mixxx community member). If you are looking to use this on Linux I would say avoid anything Hercules makes as they are usually not supported on Linux (only sometimes with extreme effort by people in the open-source community are working drivers available).

Just unpacked mine, and I can confirm that the Instinct shows up as a composite device in Ubuntu 12.04 offering a MIDI and an audio interface. The only thing missing is the controller setup :slight_smile:

  • Chris

Then try out the new mapping tool in v1.11.0 beta :slight_smile:

Upgrading to the beta ppa now :smiley: I have been cursing over the controller edit. Trying to actually do something in the UI has been a horror, so I have big hopes for this one!

Thanks for the tip :smiley:

Update: It worked like a charm for all buttons and sliders except for the pitch/tempo flip switch and the jog wheels. Still much better than the old controller configuration :slight_smile: There should be a " up/down" option for those that has both an up and down, to let mixxx intelligently determine how to interpret inputs like the jog wheel etc. Another observation is that the LEDs for the buttons on this controller are the same as the actual buttons, so Mixxx already knows how to set the led status. Hope to see this implemented :slight_smile:

Update2: Is it just me, or is the jog control missing? I can’t find anything anywhere to bind actually scrubbing through the track.

  • Chris

I’ll be ripping open the Mixxx scripting functionality some time over the weekend and will look to get a fully functional mapping going for this controller. It works fantastic with Traktor, so it would be nice to see it working just as well with Mixxx!

If there is anything I can do to help, just ask :slight_smile: I am amazed by how well designed the controller actually is, especially considering the price. Just the fact that the mode-button is controlled by hardware and actually switches between 4 different sets of control codes for the 1-4 buttons mean you can have leds indicating hot cue as well as leds for the loop or fx part without having to take care of the logic behind the mode switch. Awesome :slight_smile:

Looking at the multiple videos I’ve found on this controller, I have a question for those if you that already have it. Is it true that the jog wheels only “scratch” when the wheel itself is pressed down?

It is a very good controller, especially for the price! And no doubt with my technical skills (or lack of) I will welcome any support/help haha!

From my experience of the controller, you DO have to apply light pressure to the jog wheel in order to ‘scratch’, which is a problem for spin-back, but from my own experience using other decks, and considering when I DJ online I often do it wearing nothing but my dressing gown with a cup of coffee at hand, it has saved many mixes where the sleeve of my gown has lightly brushed passed a deck’s jogwheel/platter causing all kinds of off-beat drama!

Nice, yeah, that makes sense. Are you using it with Linux? I’ve been looking for a cheap controller to get started, and at price of the Instinct, it sure seems like the right price!

I primarily use Windows (Mainly for Traktor), but have tried running the controller on Linux with Mixxx and it plug-n-plays nicely, just need to have the mappings, but as I said, I’ll get on it on Saturday!

Yeah, I can confirm it works 100% with Ubuntu 12.04 (3.0 kernel) :slight_smile:

@noccy80 how it worked? I’m on Ubuntu 12.04. I tried running the controller with Mixxx but couldn’t find the right preset to load. Any help would be really appreacieted.


  • H

I used the controller learn feature to bind most functions, as there is no preset yet. Hopefully one is on its way from someone that knows more about mixxx scripting than me, as this is required for the jog wheel and pitch switch. All the midi control codes can be found in the manual that came with, so until that you can probably add the jog wheel as a “HercJog” control type (tho that is deprecated and should be done with scripting - but it works for now) in your controller config (should be in ~/.mixxx/controllers and end with .xml)

This page on the Mixxx wiki could come handy: mixxx.org/wiki/doku.php/midi … ile_format

@Meeko, do you have any good news about this? :smiley:


could you share your midi mapping file?
so we can help to develop it further?

thank you!

Absolutely, I will grab it off the laptop and post it on here as soon as possible :slight_smile: I believe the only thing missing is a few of the buttons for each of the control sets (hotcue, loop, samples, fx) as there are more controls available than 4, and any scripting needed to make use of the jog wheel and tempo switch (and leds of course).

Looking at the manual, the last pages has all the midi codes and the leds are on the same cc:s as the buttons, and all the non-standard controls are fairly standard (fixed range) so the scripting should be fairly easy for someone who knows the scripting :slight_smile:

ok, i will try to do the scripting. actually i have 5 contollers using for a dj beginners course. but they are all at the homes of the participants… so i need some days until they get back and i have access to the controller again to test it.

And as promised, here is the controller map for the Instinct :slight_smile:
instinct.zip (1.48 KB)

ok, you can find here the first version.

does anybody have some information about the LED’s or have an idea, where to find more details?