Hercules djcontrol starlight output issue

Hi, I have recently bought this controller to travel with, everything works as expected control wise, the only problem is the main out and headphone out on the controller dont work, sound hardware preferences are directing both channels through the unit and channels 1-2 and 3-4 as required, yet no sound except a glitchy sound every now and then, that doesnt seem to correspond to the music.
Directing the main computer sound through the soundcard the thing works fine with rhythmbox and VLC, just not mixxx.
The controller can be used just using the computers internal soundcard and headphone jack fine, although obviously this is limiting.

Can anyone suggest whether this is a compatability problem, or another issue with mixxx?

Hopefully, this is not too late, but can you provide some details about your system (PC/MAC/Linux) and the audio configuration used for the Starlight in Mixxx ?

Same… Lol, ive had no luck since, tried a number of different things. I use linux 18.04 and mixxx 2.2. I sent the audio outputs (main and headphone) in the mixxx settings to run through the controller channels 1-2 and 3-4 as instructed.

did you also try different sample rate settings and buffer sizes?