Hercules rmx ubuntu 20.04.1

I have a hercules rmx running mixxx 2.3.0 on ubuntu 20.04.1 lts the problem is when I start mixxx with the controller plugged in and go to controllers it mixxx did not detect any controllers but when I go to sound hardware it is there so I can sound and I have usb permisions any ideas as I have tested it on another machine with the hercules mapping software so I know it is sending midi /hid signals.

Where did you install Mixxx from?

Did you search the forum for this problem?
and take a look at the troubleshooting page: this section and the one below

I installed it from the web site using ubuntu instructions

done that it does not work

you checked snd-seq-midi installed the udev.rules file?

if -after a restart- you still don’t see the Hercules in Mixxx you may try other MIDI debugging tools, e.g. midisnoop

I will have a look tommorow

Do you have the original Hercules RMX or the Hercules RMX 2?

The rmx I have still got a problem with the uaccess rules the file is there cannot do anything with it.

Someone is coming to look at in the next few day so don’t worry about it I will try and sort it.

Please post the output of lususb -v with the Hercules RMX plugged in.

I do not know how to get the out put of the 1ususb -v as it says 1ususb -v not found

lsusb -v (first character is a lowercase L)

I have tried everything I give up for the time being I will go back to the numark dj2go no problems there and thank you all for help I will get back to it when I have more time

Why didn’t you try to enter the correct command after being informed about the typo? That’s not particular difficult.