Hercules universal DJ (no support yet)


I just got the Hercules Universal DJ.
These are the “features”
1 - Plain usb controller deck
2 - Usb controller deck with bluetooth “multi screen”
3 - Bluetooth only controller

3 is bad, you need the djuced app, and it seems it doesn’t really work on samsung tablets. The audio comes from the tablet. The djuced android app is not capable of using the usb input.

I tried 1+2:
In mode 1 the controller is a pure MIDI (2 midi in, 2 midi out, I have no idea what the midi out does), a 4 channel output with gain control per 2 channels (“mix out” and headphones out), a 2 channel input without any controls.
In mode 2 the controller stays the same. On your phone/tablet you need to install DJuced Master, and pair your phone with the deck.
The phone/tablet adds a number of extra controls, that is mapped to midi. The DJuced Master app has some more features that somehow interact with the DJuced 40 pc app. I have no idea how to run that.
I got the idea that the deck is slightly over usb spec, as my system that is able to power harddisks, kept in a device resetting loop. Plugging it into a powered USB hub fixed this problem.
anyway… on to the mapping.

My first midi examination:
The DJuced app has more infos that I don’t know how to send.

Rather than working on a whole new git repository, fork Mixxx’s GitHub repository, clone your fork, make a new branch for your mapping, and work on your mapping in the res/controllers directory. See mixxx.org/wiki/doku.php/midi_scr … d_in_mixxx

Fun thing: in bluetooth only mode, the VU meters and such are send from the bluetooth to the deck, and the deck sends it to the usb.
In bluetooth mode it probably talks midi over bluetooth. Which is actually kind of nice and open. Full generic midi over usb and over bluetooth, and on usb a full fledged audio interface.
Maybe it will work in usb mode on my samsung note 4, using usb for the audio and using bluetooth for the midi.

Yes, I will do that, but I first want some public documentation about the controller itself, not the integration with mixxx.
And I see there are important updates in 1.12 that are not yet in 1.11 which is the release on my system. So I first have to compile and package that.
I am quite impressed with mixxx, as I run this on an exynos 5422, and when the controller mapping works I will try it on the exynos 5250, which is my Chromebook.

Starting a page on the Mixxx wiki to document the controller would be a good idea.