High Contrast Deere

Hi, here is a skin based on Deere, with higher contrast colors and some increased buttons. For users with eye problems this is much better visible and usable.
Some things are for me clearly visible the first time at all, e.g. the effect parameter buttons.
This version is at the moment only for Windows users,
for Mac and Linux versions - I have no idea what to do.
This modded Deere is NOT replacing the existing, it is a new additional skin, the original Deere will not be touched and iss till usable.
I am looking forward for your feedback and ideas.

Deere-HiCon.zip (259.6 KB)

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It would be good to add color scheme support to Deere and then add a high-contrast color scheme for visually impaired users.

Are you interested in working on this?
You could have a look at this old PR that also added color scheme support to Deere: https://github.com/mixxxdj/mixxx/pull/2130

Skins are cross platform. There’s nothing you have to do to make it work on other operating systems.

@hlzhs I completely agree, a changeable color scheme for Deere sounds great. After looking at this mentioned PR I am very sorry to say, that is far beyond my abilities.
I like this very dark “charcoal” colorscheme, but I have not the slightest idea how to get this.
My homemade “HiCon” version is kinda very hacky, most changes are simple hex colorcode changes in the style.qss. The most difficult part for me was to understand those effect parameter buttons and to find the place where I can increase their height.

IIRC from your previous note on your adaption you only changed style.qss, right?
If so moving your changes to a separate theme is actually rather easy. Take a look how schemes are constructed in Shade’s skin.xml (just look at the style sheets, ignore the Filter stuff): there’s a common style.qss and schemes just build on top of that = overwrite style rules with dark.qss for example.

(Also the Filters are broken for SVG files, thus https://github.com/mixxxdj/mixxx/pull/2130 is stalled)

not exactly, I made changes to the following files:
- style.qss:
here I made all the changes of colors, border width, font sizes + style, scroll bar handles …

- effect_parameter_knob.xml :
here I changed the height of these very small EffectParameterButtons, a change that I would implement in the standard Deere anyway

- skin.xml :
here I just changed the location path for the style.qss to “skin:…/Deere-HiCon/style.qss”, this is needed to keep the existing standard Deere

when there is someone outthere to guide me - I will do my very best to help. but:
don´t expect too much, I am mechanical engineer with mechanical brain, … saw the moon landing of Apollo 11 live on TV

Okay then, since the scope is very limited this is a perfect strter bug PR :slight_smile:

I think as a mechanical engineer you’ll have no problems getting started.
Read https://github.com/mixxxdj/mixxx/wiki/Using-Git, clone mixxx/2.3 and create a new branch deere-highcontrast. Since we#re talking about skin changes only you won’t have to deal with the precommit actions much (if at all).

I agree the Fx paremter buttons can be bigger, so this would your first commit.
At that point you should open a PR on https://github.com/mixxxdj/mixxx targeted at 2.3 (you need to create a Github account for that).
If that went well, most of the ‘hard work’ is done.

Then look at the scheming in Shade skin as I wrote above. It’s pretty staright-forward if you ignore the <Filters> sections.
No big deal to create two Deere schemes called Classic and High Contrast and no need to actually load additional stylsheets, just test if both schemes show up in the Preferences > Interface > Color Scheme combobox and can be loaded.

Then you can create an empty style_highcontrast.qss and add your desired high contrast changes to overwrite the general rules from style.qss.

Even though the change set is rather small there will probably additional changes necessary along the way. In order to keep the git commit history minimal I suggest you also take a look what git commit --amend does and how git --fixup ... and git rebase -i --autosquash ... https://fle.github.io/git-tip-keep-your-branch-clean-with-fixup-and-autosquash.html

Following a discussion from zulip with geraldo about a missing library, I made another test installation of the skin on a testing system.
Here I installed the skin in the path
and saw, I can choose the skin in the settings, but when I do so, the MIIXXX window is completely empty :roll_eyes:

First I found out, that this problem is only there when the original Deere and the new Deere-HiCon are in different folders.
Next I found a couple of source-links in the skin.xml ,
after changing these - problem solved. :smiley:
I didn´t see that in the first time, because both skins were located in the same -programs- folder.
I will update the zip file with this modification

@ronso thank you so much for your GUI-dance , I will try to do so.
The behaviour mentioned above will be obsolete then.
Anyway, here is the zip with Deere-HiCon to install wherever you want
Deere-HiCon.zip (259.6 KB)

Encouraged by @ronso abd @hlzhs I picked up the idea of colorscheme support intto Deere, Starting with my homegrown High Contrast theme, adding the charcoal theme from holzhaus t(hat I raelly liked immediately) and finally made a combination of both - so I have now 4 Themes

  • classic - HiCon - charcoal - charcoal glow

The next step will be to start a PR on Github, please give me some time to understand that.
Ideas, critic, opinions, comments – all welcome

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Sehr schön. :+1:
Gibt es den auch in der 64 Samplers-Version?

Very nice. :+1:
Is it also available in the 64 Samplers-Version?