High Processor Usage

I use a MixTrack Pro 3 to mix. I have a Lenovo laptop with 8gb Ram, 100’s of gb of free HDD space. No real resource hogging applications. When I’m mixing the CPU bar is red constantly and there are crackles in the sound. I’ve tried all manner of config options. As I understand it, the MixTrack Pro 3 has its own soundcard, so I’m not sure why my laptop is struggling with the sound. I tried ASIO4ALL but I’m no expert, just trying to learn. It doesn’t seem to change anything?
My set up is simple. 1 laptop, the controller and headphones. No master speakers or amps are connected.
Can anyone advise of what’s hogging the system resources or recommend the optimum set up for the MixTrack Pro 3 using its soundcard rather than my laptop’s.
Thank you guys

I suggest you try increasing the buffer size in Preferences > Sound Hardware step by step until the crackles are gone.

It doesn’t matter if you output to internal or external soundcards, Mixxx has to be process the sound and mix all sources for the main output. And your CPU has to be capable to do that just in time.

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