Hotcues disapears in Mixxx 2.2.4 after trying Mixxx 2.3 Beta

After having tried the beta version 2.3 on OSX Catalina, when I re-opened the version 2.2.4, the hot cues of all my songs disappeared. They are present in version 2.3, but not in 2.2.4.

And as version 2.3 is still too unstable in production, I would like to continue with 2.2.4, but I have hundreds of songs, and redoing all my settings would take too much time.

Can I fix the database so that it is compatible with 2.2.4 again?

due to some macOS app policy the database and settings are in different locations for 2.2.4 and 2.3
so stuff is migrated when updating to 2.3 (don’t know about the details, @Be0 @tapir ?) maybe it’s just your library database is missing in the old directory.
for downgrading you’d have to try copying the db back, check the locations AND MAKE A BACKUP!

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Thank you very much Ronso !

I’ve just copied the content of the 2.3 folder DB to the 2.2.4, and it works, back.

Thanks again !

btw, what issues did you have with 2.3 to say it’s still to unstable?

I have two problems with the beta version:

After a while, the program lags, the preview starts working badly (when I click on the headphone icon nothing happens, I have to click several times before the preview starts. But I had sometimes this problem with 2.2.4 too, and it looks like it works better on Beta 2.3).

And, sometimes, after a while, the program crashes. I can share the logs if you want. but i think this is because of the waveform and my poor intel irix graphic card.

if you find the time try 2.3 again (and make a backup) a crash report would be very helpful:

note the path mentioned there refers to 2.2 so you need to replace it with the 2.3 path from the backup page.

re waveforms
maybe try a less demanding renderer in Preferences > Waveforms, like hsl maybe. but actually, if it’s the same renderer like the one you use in 2.2 that shouldn’t be the reason for the crash IMO

Thanks, but I now know why Mixxx crashed, i guess.
I had reset all my keys to test the new key finder. and every time I pre-listened to music, it had to re-scan the key in background.
And since I was pre-listening to a lot of music in a very short period of time, it would eventually crash.

Now that the music keys are re-scanning, it doesn’t crash anymore.

Thank you!

This sounds like a bug.
To clarify:
were you doing a batch rescan with Analysis while prelistening and Mixxx crashed?
Or do you refer to the implicit on-the-fly key scan when a track is loaded to the preview deck?

(Sorry for the late response).

If the issue is reproducible

  • with various tracks (maybe same file ytpe?)
  • or with the same track after clearing the key

please supply a backtrace of the crash. For instructions see the link I posted above.

Ok i’m trying, but there is no more crash, so i can’t send you a report :slight_smile:

you can reset tracks’s metadata like bpm, key, waveform etc. and try those tracks again. try to repeat the pattern you described above.
since you experienced a crash others may suffer that, too, so we should try to reproduce and fix it.

Hey, so i had a crash just 10 mins ago.

Could this kind of report helps you ?

mixxx-crash-1.bash (133.8 KB)

please report that on launchpad. describe the steps how to reproduce it and attach that log.