How can I setup Mixxx to forward the beats to QLC+

I’ve tried to follow some old instructions like this one for Mixxx 1.11, however, I could not get it to work.

The problem is that the “Midi Through” controller does not show up under Options > Preferences > Controllers when enabling the developer mode using the --developer program arument.

I am using version 2.3.1. Is there perhaps something different in the newer versions?

Documentation on MIDI Through Port is scarse. Maybe It’s s not available on all systems?
Which OS do you use?

Btw, for more up to date instructions you may use the forum search

I know it works on Linux.
For macOS and Windows there are ‘virtual MIDI’ applications

I am using Windows. Then I will look into other virutal MIDI applications. Thanks.

loopMIDI works for me. Just set up one virtual port and connect both sides. MIXXX is configured to use this virtual port as output, using the „MIDI for light“ script, which is integral part of the mixxx install. Then configure the same port on QLC+ as input, assign whatever midi channels you want to use to your lighting functions, et voila…