How do I backup My Playlists

I have recently Lost 2 months worth of Playlists since MIXXX thought it was a good idea to just take them NOWHERE! So all my work GONE, so NOW Id like a solution so that this POS doesn’t cost me Months work again , Please tell me how I can safely backup any playlists I make in mixxx since I do not know how to use media Monkey to make it work for me that way. PLEASE and thanks In advance PS you can quicker reply to me @ -IE-NocWhitty2000
on discord . :imp:

The library and all playlists are stored in a database and should not get lost without manual intervention.

The database is stored in the file mixxxdb.sqlite and can be found in the application folder together with the log files: … x.log_file

Additional instructions for backup and migration: … cue_points

below is a log of my mixxx , all I would like to do is simply Back up any playlists I make to either a 3rd party media organizer that works with MIXXX or make a place to preserve and keep a copy of my play lists incase MIXXX Loooses my Months of play lists again
Mixxx Log.txt (47.9 KB)

well… GUESS WHAT I didn’t intervene and the damn Playlists DID just poof! don’t have to believe me but that’s what happened, TWO MONTHS OF WORK F$%^&& ING GONE and NOW…NOW… APPARENTLY there is no one in this whole GD universe…apparently …. who can tell me how to make media monkey work with MIXXX…really getting to the end of my road here ……….

The manual explains how to export your playlists: … -set-order

All your library data including the playlists are stored in “C:/Users/HP/AppData/Local/Mixxx/mixxxdb.sqlite”. Please upload the file somewhere and send me a link via PM. I will check it.

PS: Cursing and blaming everyone is usually not the most promising strategy to ask for help.

Agreed with tapir - you’ve been registered here for less than half a day and already stomping your feet like a toddler and demanding immediate attention. I understand your frustration but this is a volunteer project with volunteers running and answering questions in the volunteer forum. Please try a less combative tone or we will need to say farewell to you.

Thank you for engaging in this conversation. This is what popped up when I was looking for how to export my playlists to my new computer. It helped me immensely.

A not for other people reading this if you’re using Windows 10 and AppData doesn’t show up in file explorer don’t fret. It’s there. Just type “C:/Users/HP/AppData/Local” in to the address bar and it will take you into the correct folder to find the Mixxx folder.

very unlikely other users choose the name “HP”, too :wink:

paths for all operating systems, as well as some info about the settings filea Mixxx settings directory · mixxxdj/mixxx Wiki · GitHub

Btw, this is also documented in the manual: 2. Getting Started — Mixxx User Manual