How to add or tweak a controller mapping


thanks for this - i am struggling though.

I have copied the xml file from a mapping to the controllers folder but still can’t see it to select it in the controller prefs in Mixxx- even after restart.

Any suggestions?


Open the mixxx log file : … x.log_file
Locate a line that says

It will tell you the folders where Mixxx is looking for controller presets

This is an example of mine:

Also, remember that the mapping will appear ordered by the name specified inside the controller xml file:

Also please note that the list shows first the controllers on Mixxx application folder, and after those, it lists the controllers on the user folder.

thanks - that worked, there was a second folder it was looking in.

now i have this issue with the jog wheels - i will ask the guy who made the mapping but would you expect the jog wheels to be set up to act like vinyl?

this is the error when trying to use jog wheel:

Uncaught exception at line 180 in file C:/Users/dssv/AppData/Local/Mixxx/controllers/Behringer-CMD-Studio-2A-JM-scripts.js: TypeError: Result of expression ‘B2A.scratchMode’ [undefined] is not an object.


Yes, that is a possible error on that mapping, so contact its developer

Hi, thanks, it seems to have sorted itself out now. all working now i think!