How To Contribute to Mixxx Development

Hi there! We want to make it as easy as possible for people to get involved in Mixxx development. First off, to be clear you don’t have to be a programmer to contribute.

[size=150]As a non-developer, you can help develop and improve Mixxx by:[/size]

[size=150]If you are a software developer here is how to get involved:[/size]

  • You don’t have to know C++. There are developers who got into Mixxx development while learning C++ along the way
  • Join our mailing list: mixxx-devel
  • Join our IRC channel, #mixxx on Freenode.
  • Tell us your ideas! Email us, talk on IRC, or post on the forums.
  • Register an account on Launchpad and get our code from GitHub. See our Git Tutorial
  • Get familiar with the code. Pick a bug off of the Easy Bug List
  • Get help fixing the bug on IRC, talk to us about the best way to do it.

[size=150]3 Easy Steps:[/size]

It’s as easy as that!

i saw the wiki for the spanish manual. thanks to whomever started it, i now get an idea of what wiki is, thx! i’ll have to remember to stop by there and work on it when i get the chance.

I’m willing to translate mixxx’s manual to my native language (greek), if needed.

How do i set up the IRC chat? i looked at the freenode website but i cant figure it out. I’m using pidgen as my chat interface.

You’ll need an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) program like xchat (on Linux) or mIRC (on Windows).

Here are instructions for IRc using Empathy: … mpathy_.3F

I could translate the manual to the spanish languague. Let me know how.


The (as yet incomplete) Spanish translation of the manual is on our Wiki:

You’ll need to register an account on the Wiki then you can begin editing it. If you have any problems or need any help feel free to contact me through the forum or on IRC.

PS: I also happen to speak fluent spanish, btw.

Mixxx will comes fully featured thins but it not ready for professional use!

Hi psqinfo,

I’m not sure what you mean – many people use Mixxx professionally. What is a “thins”? Also, what is Mixxx missing that you would need to use it for professional use?

Hi ryan,

I think that mixxx already offers an impressive range of features that puts it on a par with other professional software. It has integration with iTunes library and automatic beatmatching, those are IMHO the two must-have features of any DJing software.

I had bad surprises while on a gig with Traktor 2 and Vritual DJ so I’m looking at Mixxx. For me, as DJ and as engineer, the one and only feature needed by a piece of software is stability. My DJing software must be rock solid and never let me down when I’m spinning records. I think that Mixxx has a huge potential here being open sourced and unix based. I need to use it and test it myself to understand how solid it is.

I’ve used it shortly and only for a few days, but as a first impression I’d say that mixxx doesn’t need many more features.
I personally need the following:

  1. Support for Traktor MK2 timecode vinyl: at the moment mixxx plays the tunes too fast, having to choose side A/B from the menu is complex and time consuming, and the lead in section of the vinyl doesn’t really work, as soon as the pick up touches the vinyl it starts playing (i already tried to play with the lead in time setting without results), plus when I put the pickup on the lead in in Traktor my tune is rewinded back to the beginning. This doesn’t happen in mixxx and it’s a bit annoying. At the moment I’d say that timecode MK2 is not usable at a professional level.
  2. A few more effects (maybe reverber, gater and hi/lo pass filter…the more is better), though it’s not a high priority feature.
  3. A more polished, “shiny” looking UI for the times when the people peek in the DJ booth. It doesn’t look so bad when compared with virtual DJ’s ugly UI, but it’s not as good looking as Traktor and Serato.
  4. More controllers supported, again here there is a lot of potential since the users can map their own midi toys. I’ll try to map the Traktor Kontrol X1 asap myself.


Hi DJ Julia,

Thanks for the feedback! What version of Mixxx are you using?

The Traktor MK2 timecode vinyl is not supported – though it will technically work as you mention it plays tracks too fast.

Also, from your lead-in experience it sounds like you are in ABS mode and not REL mode. Is that right? In ABS mode, if you drop the needle at the first sample on the record, it will seek to the 0 position on the track you are playing in Mixxx. That would be why it starts right away.

As for effects – we’re slowly getting a nice effects framework implemented that will let you use Mixxx’s internal effects as well as effects plugins like LV2 or VST. Those won’t be ready in the next major version though, maybe two versions down the line.

Hi Ryan,

I use the latest 1.10 version, just downloaded a few days ago, on a few months old Macbook Pro with the latest Snow Leopard. The audio card is a Native Instruments Audio 6, and the turntables are Reloop RP-2000 MK3 with the OEM pickup.

Yes I use ABS mode, but when I drop the needle in the lead in area of the record the track starts to play again from the last position from where it was playing before I lifted the needle. That is a funny behiavour that looks more like a REL mode.
In Traktor 2 when you drop the needle on the lead in area (the first shiny 5-10 mm of the record where there is no “thick” grooving), the track is rewinded and starts playing from beginning (actually on the waveform you land 1 or 2 seconds before the start of the track), and if you decide so in the preferences it switches back to ABS mode if it went to relative for other reasons. In Mixxx to me it looks like it’s working in REL mode even though it’s set in ABS. Let me play a bit and I’ll try to give you some more feedback.

It would be really good to have the Traktor MK2 timecode supported. The Traktor timecode works with different brands of audio cards, while Serato works only with proprietary Rane hardware. Also, in Europe in general Traktor is more used than Serato, especially in Germany. If you need any beta testing I’m definitely in with my hardware.

Anyway, let me say that I am amazed by the level of features provided by Mixxx and I will for sure use it when I do simpler gigs with the Reloop Digital Jockey instead of the timecode. As an open source project, for complexity, quality and features I’d put Mixxx in the same league of Open Office and Gimp :wink:
I will also try to contribute as much as I can to the project, up to now I completed the missing translations to italian :smiley: My next target will be to play around with MIDI and controllers, I want to see what happens with my Kontrol X1 and also I’ve seen a strange behaviour of the jog wheels on the Reloop Digital Jockey and I’d like to look into that.


If you click on the little “VINYL” text in the mixer section then you will enable an additional control section for interacting with vinyl control. You can check/change the current control modus then without having to work with the preferences. See the Mixxx manual - The mixer section
This might help to determine if we might see a bug eventually.

We have a wishlist item listed for that on the Mixxx bugtracker :
Please log in to Launchpad and vote for the bug by clicking “this affects me too!”

The Serato timecode (CD & Vinyl) works with all kind of audiocard as well. The Serato Scratch software itself works only in full mode if Rane hardware is connected.

for when an version with filter and fxs? and 4 decks? its possible to make custom skins for the controlers? i have the denon mc3000. any idea? thanks for this great soft!


The controller script “Denon MC3000 V0.995” work with 4 decks in mixxx 1.11 (for basic functions).

Full functions in my new script (released soon).

4 deck implemented in mixxx, but no 4 decks skin at this moment… no visual, mix with your ears :wink:

You can make a 4 decks custom skins for MC3000 ( Waiting for it !


ok thanks i´ll try but what about the filter and fx??

Midi controller script control the Mixx engine.

Filter and FX are part of mixxx engine.

There are no audio FX (except flanger…) for the moment in mixx engine. It’s for the future (version 1.12 ?).

You have some kind of fx (loop, roll…) that you can make with script.

For me, i’m waiting for low/high pass filter.


Is there a way to make an installer package for Windows x64 from the latest build from (e. g. mixxx_1.11.0-beta2-pre.orig.tar.gz)?
I would like to test out the latest builds so that I can verify if a fix is working or not.

Hi there – our 64-bit build environment isn’t working right now so we can’t produce 64-bit packages of 1.11. Hopefully we’ll resolve this issue soon. In the meantime, 32-bit should work as well.

32 bit would be also ok, but I cannot find an updated build for Windows in the mentioned directories.

EDIT: Can someone please upload an updated build? I want to use it on Saturday and cannot use it now because auf this bug.