How To Delete Track(s) From Loaded Decks?

I managed to find a similar topic here on the forum from a year ago, but no one ever directly answered the user’s question. I guess I’ll ask & see if someone can guide me thru it. I’m wanting to start from a clean slate which means deleting all the tracks I have loaded to Deck 1, but I don’t know how to do so… Anyway, hoping someone can tell me how to do it & that it’s not too complicated.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help! :slight_smile:

With “deleting from deck” you mean unload/eject, right?

Use the eject button: 3. The Mixxx User Interface — Mixxx User Manual

or Shift + Alt + 1/2 when keyboard shortcuts are enabled in the Options menu

start from a clean slate

Are you talking about the playback history? If you do, then right click the date entry in the history and use the delete option.

Else, if you simply mean to not have any track loaded on the deck, use the eject/unload button as answered by the others

@JosepMa No need to worry. I uninstalled Mixxx yesterday & simply re-installed it as I’m still sort of new to using it. Would appreciate it if you (or anyone else) could view the topic I posted a few minutes ago: Is It Possible To Load Multiple Tracks To A Deck At Once?

If I understand the question right isn’t it just a case of Ctrl+A or hold Ctrl while left clicking to highlight unwanted loaded tracks then use right click menu and Remove?