How to install 2.3.0 beta on macOS?

Hi I just downloaded 2.3.0 for Darwin from here:;O=D

There’s a bin and a share directory in there. Where should I put them? Really to /usr/bin and /usr/share?


Those are old builds from Travis which we don’t use anymore. Current builds from GitHub Actions are at;O=D but they might not work. We are working on this. In the meantime old builds from our decomissioned Jenkins build server are at;O=D

Hi, thanks! Will try those!

Found above mentioned “old builds” in this section on the website - clicked the macOS link

So, appologies - my thread title shouldn’t actually refer to beta 2.3.0 - it’s something else :wink:


Thanks for letting us know. Those links need to be updated.

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I just updated the links.

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