How to install Effects plugin

Hi, I am compeltely new to the mixing world and I really like Mixxx but i understand that this does not have an effect option I downloaded some plugins from TAL but I do not know how to incorporate them to my Mixx.


Can anyone explain this?? I am lost myself

Hahaha - 9 years later…

Anyhow, this topic still seems to get attention. Mixxx brings a few effects with it. Depending on your OS you can install 3rd party apps. Look for lv2 plugins. I installed Calf which provided many but I don’t use them really in terms of on time manipulation. I use the limiter though within the effects section so my recording and streaming signal is always in a good level.

If you are on Linux:

Mixxx, from 2.2 version, can use LV2 effects plugins. You have to enable them in Preferences > Effects.

If you are on MacOS or Windows have a look at the PawPaw ports: