I'm trying to hook up my Numark DJ2GO2

I’m new here I just install MIXXX, I’m trying to connect my little dj2go2 with mixxx but I havent got a clue where to start, can you guys help me please, thanks

hi. for the setup take a look at the manual 7. Controlling Mixxx — Mixxx User Manual

if your controller is supported you’ll find the mapping in the list.
if it’s not you may search the forum for a user mapping, or start mapping it yourself

I’m trying to do the same for my AVE EzyMix controller, but I’ve hit a brick wall on the jogwheels(I’ve probably misnamed them - the scratching thing-ies). I’ve used MIDISnoop to log the controller output, so I know it’s mapped to MIDI notes for the grab, & CC’s for the spin, but I can’t find the jogwheel settings anywhere in Mixxx, and those config’ files are a right brainbender. Everything else I can map with the MIDI Learn Wizard, but I can’t figure out where the wheels are in that. The combination of MIDI note & controller for the touch sensitive jogwheels(similar to that on my KaossDJ) confuse it somewhat too…

jog wheels are always a bit hard to map and the way they’re build as well as their signals differ a lot. please search the forum for jog wheel mapping. or take a look at existing mappings, there are very likely snippets you can use. if you don’t find anything open a thread for your controller.

btw you can start Mixxx from the command line to print the Midi messages while using Mixxx 16. Appendix — Mixxx User Manual

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Thank you Ronso. If I could translate the HEX(I think) codes in the controller mapping preset files to CC/Note numbers(that’s the brain bender for me), I’d be cookin’ with gas. I still have my KaossDJ as my main controller, so it’s not an urgent matter. Though it would be nice to have the KaossDJ running standalone to generate effects for my synth’ rack, and have the AVE Ezymix for DJ-ing. The AVE EzyMix came bundled with Virtual Dj, and it is just a cheap generic controller with audio(ME120sc), so no doubt there is a map for it somewhere. Though the manufacturers info’ has proven rather elusive. Worst case scenario, I’ll continue using the KaossDJ for Mixxx, and map the AVE EzyMix for some other purpose. I’m a musician first & foremost, so I’ll find a use for it…

alright. please create a separate thread for that. I guess there are many users who can assist you with the mapping.

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Will do. Later(got drums & guitars on the brain right now). And thank you once again…