Ion Discover DJ Pro mapping/script

Hi guys,

this mapping is based on Matteo’s mixtrack mapping. The mixtrack and the discover DJ pro are very similar, most is just copied.
I hope you will find the files useful.

Cheers, Joachim (3.67 KB)

HI I don’t know why but this mapping doesn’t work on Mixxx (latest version) on Ubuntu Linux 12.04 LTS from the start.

Even worse it messed up my sound settings.

SO now I reinstalled Mixxx I few times completly not notecing the fact that synaptic doesn’t delete ~/.mixxx

I get a pop-up saying there are midi scripts errors? still sounds works
But browse doesn’t; just as the jog wheels as louding A en B deck buttons. Now I didn’t really saw script errors in the xml part.
I still have to check

What ever does work on this mapping are the following

A & B Deck All sound controls including mute feq
Cross fader
Play & Ceu on both decks
Reverse play
Pitch sliders

Does anyone have the same problems? or a simulair? or got the jog wheel working? Or not and that it might have something to do with my system?

of course I want everything to work and I will check up the js file as son as I’m done posting this.
But my main prioty is with get the jog wheel and the browse wheel so I can work with my libary for now.

I have been abble to also got load A & B Working I don’t know if the script has exactly changed since I have used the GUI instead of scripting my self.

things I still trying to get to work is the browse wheel & the jogwheels.

Thanks for the scripts now I can preform with my new midi controller anyhow.

Hey guys,

are there any news about ION Discover DJ pro and its mapping on Mixxx?
I am very interested in working script. Maybe someone knows where I can find it? Or maybe Mixxx could include support for that controller?

Thanks in advance


I was trying to get the ION Discover DJ Pro script to work with a more recent version of Mixxx.

I took the great work of joachim and made some small changes:

  • Updated the XML to the new format
  • Inverted both speed sliders
  • Corrected the filename of the script file in the midi.xml file (as I use a Linux I have a case sensitive file system and Mixxx was unable to open the script)
  • Renamed the files a bit

I’m not a DJ and I only performed some quick tests. Basic operation seems to work for me. I tested it on:

  • Kubuntu 19.10 with Mixxx version 2.2.1
  • Lubuntu 20.04 with Mixxx version 2.2.3

See: (3.72 KB)

I created a pull request to try to get this into the mainline Mixxx code base (see

I hope this helps.