Is It Possible To Load Multiple Tracks To A Deck At Once?

I’ve done a little bit of digging & so far, I have yet to see an official FAQ page for Mixxx which kind of sucks IMO. :confused: Title pretty much says it all though- I’m really interested to know if more than 1 track/song can be loaded to a single deck at once instead of having to load your tracks/songs 1-by-1.

Welp, hopefully, someone can inform me so I will know! Also, they DO need to have an FAQ just for some extra added convenience. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help! :slight_smile:

Well, since you obviously cannot play all the tracks at once from one deck, I assume you actually mean a playlist-like feature for the deck.

Since Mixxx is supposed to be used interactively, it does not provide a playlist by default, but it does provide an Auto DJ feature, where you can enqueue tracks to be played automatically by the application.

So go to the AutoDJ and load those tracks there. Activate the AutoDJ and then it will start to play those songs.
AutoDJ can be configured in different ways and also it can be configured to pick random tracks automatically.

As for information, you have an online manual:

And the wiki:

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IMO there are not enough frequently asked questions I’m aware of that would justify adding a FAQ page.
Some frequent issues (no pre-download FAQ) are dealt with on the Troubleshooting page but that’s it
Troubleshooting · mixxxdj/mixxx Wiki
However, which information is missing from Mixxx - Features in your opinion?

re loading more than one track:
not possible :slight_smile:
what exactly is your use case?

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Well, I’ve been working on a music compilation for YT & part of the process is analyzing the tracks I’ll be using 1-by-1 & sorting them by tempo/bpm so that I can come up with a track listing for the video. Wasn’t able to do so a few days ago due to my file types being different. But since I converted them via Handbrake, it should work better this time. Really hoping to have the project finished soon even though it’s a few months late due to some setbacks!

@JosepMa For clarification here, I didn’t say I wished to “play” more than 1 track at once; I said I wished to load more than 1 track at once to a deck. For crying out loud, next time, before you respond to a topic, PLEASE make sure you read it thoroughly & that you understand what that person is inquiring about. :man_facepalming: If you DON’T happen to understand when you first read it, be sure to ask as that ALWAYS helps. Seriously? -_-

@Jennings92 Take it easy, will ya?! You could have described your intention in the first place to avoid other (trying to help you) make a guess.

For you case: take a look at the Analyze feature in the sidebar. It does what it says on the tin.

However, if you do

  • not want to analyze all tracks
  • and can not pick your desired tracks there

you may load them to the AutoDJ playlist, enable AutoDJ, let it analyze and play, and fade to the next track as soon as the one currently playing was analyzed.

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@ronso Look, I simply forgot, alright? Didn’t mean to snap back, but I guess that’s my Achille’s Heal sometimes. :laughing: Regarding the AutoDJ feature you described- are you saying that has the ability to sort/mix up my tracks if I’m unable to decide? (Not really expecting it to or anything like that; just curious.)

No, unlike regular playlists the Auto Dj list can not be sorted – it simply plays the tracks in the order you added them. You may re-arrange them by dragging though.

Oh, I see now. Thanks for confirming for me! :slight_smile:

AutoDJ will sort and resort randomly though :grinning:

if you hit the Randomize button it will randomize the playlist of course…
otherwise that should NOT happen. if it does please file a bug report at launchpad with steps to reproduce.