Issue with external mixer with soundcard


I have recently downloaded mixxx after getting myself a Gemini PMX 10 mixer. The mixer seems great and works well with virtual dj, but I don’t like the cost or add on’s that they charge for with virtual dj, so I have found Mixxx. It’s a great bit of software that I am in the process of mapping midi files for but have stopped as have an issue I can’t seem to resolve…

In Mixxx, I have the sound outputs set to Deck 1 Channels 1&2, Deck 2 Channels 3&4. In virtual dj, I can cue up the tracks in my headphones this way, but in mixxx, the cueing only comes through the headphones when the crossfader is not fully across (ie, if crossfader is all way to left (deck 1), I can’t hear deck 2 in the headphones unless I move the fader in a bit, but that obviously comes out of the master too then!

What am I doing wrong?

I am using WIn 10 home, version1909, with the gemini ASIO drivers and Mixxx 2.2.3

Many thanks in advance for any help!

Ok, I was being an idiot, I shouldn’t have mapped the crossfader, just assign the decks in preferences and all else is done on mixer. Working on getting the cue points, effects and all associated LEDs working now.

I am new to Mixxx and recently acquired Mixxx for an online community radio station. So far everything works fine but I have limitations not being able to connect and use a microphone and headphone at the same time on the laptop. So we acquired an external sound card (Startechcom) and a 16 DSP Professional mixer (AMX7351).

  1. How do we connect the external mixer to Mixxx and use the headphone and multiple microphones?
  2. Can we connect the external soundcard to Mixxx as well?

The AMX7351 seems to be useful either only for providing inputs to Mixxx or providing outputs from Mixxx. This is because any audio coming from your PC to the AMX7351 can only be mixed in to the audio being sent back to the PC (and to the AMX7351’s main outputs).

Yes, you can use both the AMX7351 and the external sound card at the same time.

For one configuration, you would connect your speakers to the external sound card and your headphones to the PC’s headphone jack and configure Mixxx’s outputs accordingly. Connect your microphones to the AMX7351’s channels 1 and 2. Pan channel 1 full left and channel 2 full right. In Mixxx, configure Mic 1 to the AMX7351’s channel 1 and Mic 2 to channel 2.

For the other configuration, connect the speakers to the AMX7351’s main outputs. Also, connect your 2 microphones to the AMX7351’s mic inputs. Your headphones either connect to the external sound card or to your PC’s headphone jack. In Mixxx, configure all decks and samplers to use the Center Bus and configure the Center Bus to output to the AMX7351. Also, configure the Broadcast input to input from the AMX7351. Configure Mixxx’s Headphone output to either the external sound card or the PC headphone jack, whichever you decide to use.

Have you mapped it yet? I am trying to config the mixer now