Issues with effects management

Hi all.

I want to activate some specific effects configuration by pressing a controller button.

Here you have some use cases to try to better explain my idea:

  • Press a button to activate an echo that has a delay of exactly one beat and that has the feedback assigned to the to follow the metaknob.
  • Press a button to activate the Flanger with a specific configuration of controls for the metaknob

Right now I know how to navigate through the different elements of the effect rack, but I’m missing one fundamental piece of information. What is the currently selected filter.

My question are:

How can I now which effect is loaded ?
Has anyone tried to do something like that? Any recommendation?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Effects Chains Presets are a work in progress, I believe with the milestone set for next major release (2.2.0) so hopefully you should be able to do this very soon but I believe it’s not currently supported…

That won’t be ready for 2.2. Hopefully 2.3 or 2.4.

Really? As Effects Chain Presets are mention on the Mixxx Controls page I had thought they must be more imminent than that. If it’s not even implemented in Master what does the below refer to doing?

I didn’t realize this control. I will do some testing to see what is it doing.


Thanks for the info.

I will be looking forward for that functionality.

I truest Be to know what he’s talking about here so unfortunately don’t think it will be what you want. Just found it strange to see it and the other related control using the word Preset…

The chain_select Control was added prematurely in Mixxx 2.0 and doesn’t actually do anything useful yet. In Mixxx 2.0, there was an ugly hack to treat single effects as “chain presets” and chain_select scrolled through those.