Issues with Mixxx and MacOS Big Sur


So… I have updated my mac to Big Sur, if I load Mixxx now, it appears twice the size as normal so I can’t see stuff plus locks my mac up. I tried reinstalling and got the same issue. Removed again and tried the beta version - that worked full screen but the CPU usage jumps to red and also locks the machine up (and runs hot), is there anything else I can try please or is this a known issue?

Thank you


This problem has been brought up and here is a temporary solution

Thank you - I have asked the question about it maxing out my CPU as well. (Why I update things I will never know!)

I upgraded to Big Sur on my Mac and i get an error message: “Unable to upgrade your database schema to version 28
Your mixxxdb.sqlite file may be corrupt.
Try renaming it and restarting Mixxx.”
I’ve searched for this file and cannot find it. Help!!