JBSystems DJ-kontrol 3

EDIT:// Mapping Update 14.08.2017

Mapping for JBSystems DJ-kontrol 3 (and Resident Dj Kontrol 3?)

Wiki Link: https://mixxx.org/wiki/doku.php/jbsystems_dj-kontrol_3

~97% works now.

old original Post:


I couldn’t find an existing mapping for my Midi Controller called:
JBSystems DJ-kontrol 3 (jb-systems.eu/en/dj-kontrol-3)
which looks the same like the Resident Dj Kontrol 3
(elektronik-star.de/resident- … i27254.htm)

So i’ve made a mapping on my own, but i only tested it with my JBSystems.

~90% works, but i still have to fix/implement 2-3 functions.

  1. not working: reloop,
    Reverse on scratch Btn, Filter/Key Knob, Xfader Curve Btn, Pitch Lock Btn, S.Start Btn, Zoom Push Btn
    Anyone a clue for the Xfader Curve Btn?

  2. How to get current track play position for needle drop led’s?
    Until now the Needle drop Led’s are mapped as VuMeter’s.

  3. Another problem is, that i found out every LED, but i can’t find the LED’s around the Jogwheel.
    for (var i = 1; i <= 1024; i++) {midi.sendShortMsg(0x90, i, 0x7F);}
    every LED’s turns on, but not around the Jogwheels??? (above 1024?)

  4. Soundcard not working
    I’m on Zorin OS 12 (ubuntu based) and i cant activate the controller Soundcard in Mixxx
    start with: pasuspender mixxx
    Select Audio Card: JBSystems -> Apply -> Error:
    Debug [Main]: SoundManager::setupDevices()
    Debug [Main]: SoundDevicePortAudio::open() “8, JB Systems DJ-Kontrol 3: USB Audio (hw:2,0)”
    Debug [Main]: framesPerBuffer: 1024
    Debug [Main]: Requested sample rate: 44100 Hz, latency: 23.22 ms
    Debug [Main]: Output channels: 2 | Input channels: 0
    Debug [Main]: Opening stream with id 8
    Expression ‘paInvalidSampleRate’ failed in ‘src/hostapi/alsa/pa_linux_alsa.c’, line: 2048
    Expression ‘PaAlsaStreamComponent_InitialConfigure( &self->playback, outParams, self->primeBuffers, hwParamsPlayback, &realSr )’ failed in ‘src/hostapi/alsa/pa_linux_alsa.c’, line: 2722
    Expression ‘PaAlsaStream_Configure( stream, inputParameters, outputParameters, sampleRate, framesPerBuffer, &inputLatency, &outputLatency, &hostBufferSizeMode )’ failed in ‘src/hostapi/alsa/pa_linux_alsa.c’, line: 2843
    Warning [Main]: Error opening stream: Invalid sample rate

But thats an OS related Problem i think, because the Soundcard works fine under Windows (Traktor).

Maybe for someone else this mapping is useful too, because there exists only a Traktor Pro 2 mapping for this controller.
JBSystemsDjKontrol3_v1.zip (6.57 KB)

Thank you for sharing. If you would like your mapping to be included in Mixxx, please read the Contributing Mappings wiki page.

It is unusual that this is controlled by a switch rather than a knob on this controller. Use the script.crossfaderCurve(value, min, max) function to map it. According to the comment in common-controller-scripts.js, that function takes 3 arguments: “Current value of the hardware control, min and max values for that control”.

Use the playposition Control, which represents the relative position in the track on a normalized 0-1 scale.

Use MIDIOX with Traktor to intercept the MIDI messages that Traktor sends for the jog wheel LEDs.

Try changing the sample rate to 48000 Hz.

Can you light the jog wheel LEDs individually? If so, refer to the Pioneer DDJ-SX mapping for how to make the LEDs spin around the jog wheel. Note that function is connected to changes in the playposition Control.


thank you for your answer…

Initially I did not want to put more work into this, but your reply gave me another push. :slight_smile:

Needle-Drop Led’s now working correctly.
I Also found the Jogwheel Led’s (0xB0 instead of 0x90), but
i dont have programmed anything with the Jogwheel Led’s yet… maybe in the future.

Thanks for the hint with the sample rate.
After setting it to 48000 Hz, the Soundcard works without any errors.
Set Master Out to Channel 3-4 and Headphones to Channel 1-2.

Now, ~97% of the Mapping is working.

Todo: Xfader Curve Btn, Pitch Lock Btn, S.Start Btn, Zoom Push Btn,
Reverse Btn, Jogwheel Led Animations

Special features:

Parameter 1 Knob is mapped to dry/wet
Parameter 1 Shift Knob (Filter) is mapped as Super Knob (how to get the general Filter Knob?)
Parameter 2 Knob is mapped to the first setting of the selected effect
Pitch Fader are inverted (up = + , down = -)
Shift Btn is mapped as toggle (press to activate, press again to deactivate)

If someone else have this Controller please reply to this thread if everything is working or not.
I only continue working on this, if this is useful for someone else.
Or, if i have to much time :slight_smile:

Wiki: mixxx.org/wiki/doku.php/jbsystems_dj-kontrol_3
JBSystemsDjKontrol3_v1.zip (6.57 KB)

I’m not able to edit my old original post? So I have to write a Reply :slight_smile:

Mapping Update 07.2021

Jog Wheel Leds, XFade Curve Button, S.Start Btn, Pitch Lock Btn are now working.

And some additional changes/fixes.
JBSystemsDjKontrol3_v2_2021_new.zip (9.0 KB)