Jog wheel not snapping to beatgrid

When I use the jog wheel of the Pioneer DDJ 200 the track does not snap to the beatgrid of the other deck.
I have beat sync turned on and it works when I shift the track with the mouse or finger via touch screen.
How can I enable this?
I am using Mixxx 2.2.4 on Windows 10 v1909.
My mapping is
The relevant Javascript functions are

DDJ200.jog = function (channel, control, value, status, group) {
// For a control that centers on 0x40 (64):                                
// Convert value down to +1/-1                                             
// Register the movement                                                   
engine.setValue(group, 'jog', value - 64);

DDJ200.touch = function (channel, control, value, status, group) {
var deckNumber = script.deckFromGroup(group);
if (value == 0) {
    // disable scratch                                                     
} else {
    // enable scratch                                                      
    var alpha = 1.0 / 8;
    engine.scratchEnable(deckNumber, 128, 33 + 1 / 3, alpha, alpha / 32);
}; = function (channel, control, value, status, group) {
var oldPos = engine.getValue(group, "playposition");
// Since ‘playposition’ is normalized to unity, we need to scale by        
// song duration in order for the jog wheel to cover the same amount       
// of time given a constant turning angle.                                 
var duration = engine.getValue(group, "duration");
var newPos = Math.max(0, oldPos + ((value - 64) * 0.2 / duration));
engine.setValue(group, "playposition", newPos); // Strip search            

Could this be a general problem for all midi controllers or can anybody confirm that the jog wheel of his controller snaps to the beatgrid. If so, which controllers are this?

I guess you mean quantize?
I don’t understand why you would use jog when you want the beats to aligned. The purpose of jog is to push the track back or forth in order to align the beats.

What works? Could yo post a video?

To move the playposition use the beatjump controls.
You may also have a look at the beats_... controls (see to adjust the beatgrid.

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Yes, I mean quantize and sync_enabled.
I probably mean using the jog wheel toseek and what I want is beats_translate_match_alignment at the new position.

I didn’t look at the DDJ200 mapping.
Here’s the mapping snippet for my Reloop TerminalMix2/4. Here, the MIDI input is used directly for playposition, no need to redirect it to a function.

    <description>wheel * hold</description>

Oh, that’s great!
I tried the same for the DDJ-200 and it worked.
However, it didn’t help to align the track.
What I also found is that if the jog wheel unaligns the track it also doesn’t align back if I stop and play it. Only after an additional beat sync it aligns again.
Now it becomes clearer to me that playposition doesn’t work as expected.

Where can I read about the rot64 option. I didn’t find any documentation.