Just got a pair of Numark HDX's

just bought these puppies.

got this coming in the mail by this weekend.

a pair of Numark HDX’s Running Serato DVS off of their HD’s into a Behringer BCD3000 as a controller for Mixxx on UbuntuStudio.

I’ll be running my BCD3000’s output to my daw

this is going to be the most fabulous/ghetto setup ever!

let me know if you guys see any problem with this as a set up.

ok, there’s that part.

now for the speakers an desk!

If you can get a timecode signal out of the HDXs and into Mixxx, it should work.

yeah, i can send time code through the hdx’s optic drive with CD, DVD or through its internal 80 GB HD.

I’m a little concerned about the BCD3000 giving me a clean enough signal though…

I’m also going to use a Mixman DM2 x 2 …and a pad controller so i can have as much hands on control over Mixxx as possible.

I figure one dm2 for efx control and the other for the sampler decks.
I’ll use the pad controller for cue launch. at least i think… I’ll have to get started and see what needs the most control.

I’m in Austin TX so the mail has been slow because of the storm so i haven’t gotten speakers i ordered yet. can’t wait till it gets here.

then I’ll build an IKEA DJ booth and install two keyboard trays to hold the DM2’s.

something like this:

I figure I’ll have the DM2’s setting on keyboard trays setting on either side of me and i can slide them away when not in use.

I’ll also need a powered USB hub for all of this i think…

You don’t need good sound quality for receiving timecode input. It just needs to be at an appropriate level. The other day I successfully got my friend’s turntable going into Mixxx with a Serato control vinyl through a DI box going into a studio mixer with an integrated USB audio interface. Of course, ripping vinyl through a DI box would be an awful idea, but it works fine for timecode.

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here she is,

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Is that a Keith McMillen K-Board below the mixer? I’m curious how that works with the new Vitalium synthesizer in DISTRHO-Ports

it is.

got it second hand on reverb.

i’ll try it out for you.

what do you wanna know?


the behringer bcd3000 was a bad idea.

it can give you 2 phono ins or 1 phono in and 1 line in.

the HDX’s are cdjs so they need two line ins.

i bought a Hercules DJ Console RMX ver.1.

my OS sees it as a sound card but mixxx doesn’t see it as a hardware controller.

has anyone seen this issue before?
mixxx 2.2.4 ubuntu 20.04

HID devices require udev rules with the required permissions:

The corresponding config file should by installed by the .deb package from our PPA. Maybe a restart is required. I would also recommend to switch to 2.3 beta.

Check the Mixxx log messages on startup. Some USB HID warnings are expected, because only devices of known manufacturers are enabled. Hercules is one of them.

Okay, going to 2.3 beta did the trick.
But now it’s showing two hercules dj console rmx selections.

It gives me _4 and _5.

I choose both and used the appropriate script.

Most things seem to be working except…

The Left channel seems to be bleeding into the right channel, even when the crossfader is at the extreme right position.

The reverse is not true, at the extreme left position of the crossfader all I can hear is the left channel.

Has anybody had this issue?

Are you referring to the RMX’s main output? If so, the issue is likely in the hardware. Does it occur if you make a recording from Mixxx then play the recording out of another audio interface?

I don’t think so, I hooked up my ion discover DJ controller and used its crossfader and there was no bleed from either channel. But when using the crossfader on the Hercules rmx the Left channel leads into the right channel even at its most extreme right position. Both controllers are doing the same thing but I’m using the Hercules audio inputs and outputs on both tests. For some reason the Hercules does not show the crossfader going all the way to the right as the cut off for that channel.

This other strange going on with the rmx too. The main volume slider doesn’t make the volume knob on mix move to 100% or zero I can only get from 35% low volume, to 50% on the high end of the volume scale.

It may be possible that the script needs tinkering

Do you mean the crossfader on screen in Mixxx does not go all the way to the right when the hardware crossfader is all the way right? That could be a problem with either the mapping or the hardware.

Yes seems like it. Try replacing engine.setValue for the volume with engine.setParameter. Maybe that will help with the crossfader too?

No, when I change that parameter the control code bleeds through the signal…

Strangely though again only on the left side.

After I put the script back together and restarted I noticed something:

When I use the mouse and take the fader all the way to the right there is no bleed from the Left channel.

Of course I’m doing this with the on-screen fader so the Hercules fader is still in the center when I move it so that it catches up with the space it’s at on screen, it jumps back a little bit maybe only a few millimeters.

The behavior is not the same on the left side.

I really don’t know what to do with this now.

The faders of my VCI-300 started to send spurious MIDI signals at their min/max positions. Check the actual values that the hardware controls are sending with a MIDI monitor or by starting Mixxx with --controllerDebug. Mixxx only follows what it receives. There is no such thing as “digital bleeding”.

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It’s the Hercules rmx
…it’s hid.

Also what do you mean by digital bleeding, I certainly didn’t use that term. I said the control code signal is bleeding through on the Left channel. This happens after tweaking the script. What I mean by bleed. As I can hear the control code signal and the play the music loaded in the deck at the same time. After fixing the script this goes away. I mention it because they behavior is inconsistent. I can only hear the control code and the music on the deck, what I referred to as bleeding…, On the left deck.