Key lock causes artifacts when cueing

I’m really happy with key lock on the latest version of Mixxx (It’s way more reliable, i couldn’t use it before), I’m getting artifacts when cueing or even start/stop when using my CDJ with a timecode CD. Are there any settings I can play with to try to reduce that?

what do you mean by ‘artifacts’?

in the Preferences > Decks you can adjust the pitch ramping, maybe that has an effect with your DVS setup, idk.

It sounds like it’s being bitcrushed when I cue up and it jumps around a bit. I also hear it when I press start or stop on the CDJ - it doesn’t stop immediately but instead has a bit of a slowdown that sounds digitally crunchy. It’s definitely something about the key lock because it doesn’t happen when I have it turned off. Maybe something to look at for a future fix.

when you scroll down the Sound Hardware page, what does the buffer underrun counter say?
maybe it’s just that the latency is set too low for your system.

Buffer Underflow is 2, BUT looking at the page got me to notice that the Pitch-Bending engine was set to “Soundtouch (Faster)” and not “Rubberband (better)” and after switching that it worked a little better, so thanks for the advice!