KeyFinder and Mixxx

Is it possible Mixxx start using Keyfinder lib for find keys for tracks. Because its much accurate and can use multithreading too.

Mixxx already can use libKeyFinder. We don’t have libKeyFinder set up for the official builds yet, but you can use libKeyFinder if you build Mixxx yourself.

If you want to use it, you can build Mixxx yourself using this PR:

Is it possible have more mixxx developers which suggest start developing own version of mixxx ?
Two person is not enough.

Seriously, mixxx key analysis is not good. you can find reddit information from 2019. Where also “Mixed in Key” developer has comments.

If end users ask relevant questions, and response is code your own mixxx version.
or similar, what i have seen so many times.

I will rise my hands and give up.

“Building Mixxx yourself” does not mean you need to write code. The code is already present in the development branch I linked above, but the feature is currently disabled until we updated our build servers and the changes have been reviewed. You only need to download the code and run 2 commands to create an executable file from it: (I don’t know what OS you’re on, so the commands might differ slightly).

Mixxx is developed by a handful of volunteers (+ a few more contributors) in our free time. We don’t get paid for this and we can’t work on everything at once.

If Mixxx was a commercial product and had a company behind it, the response to your request would be “we’re working on it, you have to wait.”.

Since that’s not the case and Mixxx is open-source, our response is “we’re working on it, and if you don’t want to wait, you can already start to use this feature right now by compiling Mixxx yourself”. I don’t see how this is a bad thing.

Open-source is all about participation. If you want to speed up Mixxx development, it’s necessary to get more contributors involved in Mixxx development. This is why we often point out that - as a user - it’s possible to contribute.

All of us core developers were regular Mixxx users at some point, then found a bug or missed some feature and started working on it ourselves. If we had more people that test Mixxx, debug issues, implement new features and review new code, then Mixxx development would be much faster and all users would profit from that.


The PR has been merged. Keyfinder will be compiled in once our build servers are set up correctly.

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KeyFinder support in 2.3?

I am super excited about this. I’ve been running KeyFinder in a ReactOS VM and I’ll be happy to get rid of that janky setup.

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If you’re able to compile yourself, you can use it right now.

Works beautifully. Guess I’ll be building myself now instead of relying on the beta repo.