Lame still not loading

according to josepMa on Mar.19
Mixxx wasn’t distribute with the lame binaries because a license was required to legally do so. But the last patents that were still enforced became expired sometime in 2018, so we are now able to include it.
And since Mixxx is GPL, we will actually build Mixxx with it, rather than dynamically linking to it (so removing any loading or system conflict problems.
I just recently D/L Mixxx 2.2.4 Oct. 2020 and lame is not included as mentioned. Still have to go through the trouble of D/L the LameMP3 Encoder from RareWare and changing the file name which I have done and followed all the instructions . I live stream every Fri Sat & Sun nights. I am Trying to replace SAM Broadcaster that I have used for the past 15 years as I prefer the look of Mixxx but am becoming very frustrated in not being able to get lame encoder to load. Is the Lame included in Mixxx V.2.2.4 or not. Also when running the compatibility test it does not show win. 10 This is the 2nd post I have submitted on this topic

Please don’t open multiple topics for the same issue.