Language use on the forum

Recently there has been an increase in posts on this forum in languages other than English. I personally think this is great to make Mixxx more accessible to people around the world. I am wondering what your thoughts about this are. Do you think there are there any new rules or guidelines we should add to facilitate discussions in other languages? I think it might be helpful to add a rule that replies in a thread should use whatever language the thread was started with. What do you think?

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sticking to the initial language reduces accessibility for all users as @tapir pointed out and I agree.
I think we should stick to english in order to allow as many users as possible to participate.

there are many online translators available, I don’t understand why folks aren’t aware of it.
maybe the first reply should mention exactly that in the original language encouraging the thread opener to switch to english.


I agree with @ronso. Stumbling over posts in other languages I don’t understand is distracting. Even it is my own native language, because I am aware how this excludes many readers. We need to agree on a common language in the main areas.

Some company forums have dedicated areas for native language posts. But I don’t think that this works out for us.


i agree with @ronso and @tapir … english should be base language…

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I absolutely agree with @ronso + @tapir + @thomi
the forum is a knowledge base and should provide easy access to as many users as possible