Last Track Untouchable on playlist, mac

A playlist that is longer than the window never properly displays the last track of a playlist and I can’t add it to the deck. I see the top of it, but not enough to drag or double click. It’s not a problem on the windows version. Mixxx 2.2.3 build 2.2 r6750.
It is the same on both my macs and the size of the window or full screen still does not improve it.
(My work around is to add a blank track at the bottom of the playlist but this seems silly.)

Please post a screenshot. Is there no scroll bar?

You can see that the list has 33 songs, only 32 are showing, and the scroll bar is at the bottom.

There is just a tiny bit of the tick-box showing in this case.

Here’s another, with the last track selected, but unable to do anything with it:

It looks like the horizontal scroll bar may be blocking the bottom row. If you make the window wide enough that the horizontal scroll bar goes away, can you see the bottom row?

Yes, that works. Too many columns, it’s hard to make that scroll bar go away, I’ll reduce the number of items in view to only those I need in the moment.