Late Night Skin For vertical Monitor(portrait)

So Late Night skin was overflowing off the right hand side of my monitor when I placed it in 1080x1920 resolution(portrait)

I checked the forums for a resolution that would fit, but none of them worked. I’m not unfamiliar with XML so I blundered into the skin.xml and moved the mixer below and removed sampler deck#4 as well as sound effect #4. It’s a humble fix, but it works.

This made it fit. I know that I could widget group a vertical set and keep the fourth SE and Sampler, but I appreciate being able to see all my controls and I thought I someone else might enjoy the edit as well.

Finally… because there’s always going to be that person who lives on the Internet and doesn’t believe me…

BEFORE my edit (note that I can’t hit play on the right hand track):

AFTER my edit (619 KB)

bah… tiny pic is failing me. I’ll upload the failed image as attachment