my library will not pick up all the tracks I have in my laptop library and why do I have missing tracks listed which I am unable to use @

What version of Mixxx? What OS are you using? What file format are the files that are or are not appearing in the library?

I have been using the fantastic new Mixxx2.0, to produce a radio programme for broadcast on the internet and Am/Fm and love it . I checked my files and the majority are MP3 with only 2 wav . My laptop is running vista and my music files where ripped to windows media player and are stored under heading my music. Some files in the library have been moved to missing in the library and when I tried to load them by right click I was unable to either transfer them back to the main library or load them to play . I also, after reading the manual , tried browse and quick links using the right click load to library and scan but nothing appears in the library. Is the library only one page ie about 15 albums in size or is there another page after scrolling to the bottom of Big Lbrary ? I also have downloaded Audacity plus the lam and ffg files to change any formats to MP3 .I really would like to be able to use all my albums as I am not happy duplicating tracks on my programmes but may run out of music soon if I can’t solve the library problem , hope you can help .

The library isn’t paginated, so all of your tracks should appear in one batch. It may be worth you purging your library, which you should be able to do by selecting all tracks and right-click > Hide from Library, then go into both Missing Tracks and Hidden Tracks and select all, right-click > Purge. Then rescan your library.

If this still doesn’t find all of your tracks, please exit Mixxx and then upload the most recent log so that we can diagnose further.

Many thanks I will do as you suggest and rescan . Will I loses all my recordings already stored under recordings ?

sorry to mess you about but I have just run a back up on my music files and notice that the tracks not being added to Mixxx library are WMA or Wav …I have downloaded Audacity with Lam and ffg should I try to transfer these tracks to MP3 using this software before I delete the Mixxx library as you suggest ?. Also when I tried to select all in the library there is no response from right click, would I need to select each individual track to transfer to hidden ? One more question , how can I stop hearing my voice in the headphones with a delay when I talk whilst recording ?

Mixxx does support WAV, so if WAV files are not showing up that is strange. Mixxx does not support WMA though. WMA is actually a group of different codecs, but the lossy one is by far the most common. Converting from a lossy format to another lossy format such as MP3 will result in extra quality loss. I recommend converting them to FLAC to not reduce the quality any further. Note that you won’t get any audio quality back that was lost in the original WMA encoding process; it won’t sound as good as if it was encoded to FLAC originally and will take up substantially more space than WMA.

This question has come up a lot lately, so I just wrote a new section on the Troubleshooting wiki page to answer it.

Thanks for the info .
I use MP3 for the radio programme which I send by dropbox to the station . Will flac work in same way and be suitable for broadcasting ?
I will check on Wiki for headphones many thanks

One more question . I have used Magix MP3 Maker previously to finding Mixxx , to transfer to MP3 will this still work ?

Mixxx can play MP3 files, so any files you’ve previously converted to MP3 will play in Mixxx.

The format of the files you play in Mixxx doesn’t matter in regards to whether you can broadcast it. I was under the impression you were using Mixxx’s live broadcast feature. If you’re not making mixes live, but rather sending recorded mixes after you make them, you can record them in WAV with Mixxx and convert them to whatever format you need to send them in with another program after they’re recorded. Whether the radio station will accept FLAC instead of MP3 is up to them.

Can it be a case issue? Be sure all files have a lower case extension e.g. *.mp3.

many thanks for all your help much appreciated.
I will try both flac and MP3 and see what happens . Regarding the mic delay I did as you suggested and changed to broadcast and recording but when I tried to record I could not hear my voice in the headphones . Is this how it is meant to be ? Also did you answer the question about a second page or more of the library when scrolling down , surely it is impossible to see all the tracks in the library even if the print size is smaller or am I missing something?
Other than these problems the Mixxx system is brilliant and I am enjoying using it and can well understand why others have stated that it is the best in the business .

just received the suggestion from Daschuer about lower case , I will try this many thanks

an update on MP3 files . I tried to export files with Audacity and thought it had worked as they showed up in the Mixxx library but when I loaded them to the deck to play all I got was a squigle/ sqweek and nothing . I presume I must have done something wrong in the export system !! Anyway at least we know as stated that Mixxx will pick up on MP3 files so I must try and find a way of transferring my tracks from WMA to MP3 .
Thanks to everyone for your help , you have been great .

Mixxx for Windows 10 supported but can not play .wma files in Mixxx, WTF!

Did not mention the Mixxx version nor attached a log file, WTF!