Loading tracks into decks on a tiny touchscreen

First, just want to say huge props to anyone involved in the Mixxx project. It’s a superb piece of software!

I’m running Mixxx on a Raspberry Pi with a tiny little touch screen. I’d like to be able to load tracks into deck 1 or 2 via the screen (with no mouse for right click or without any controller mapping for loading the track). I’m wondering if I might be able to hack the skin to add a “load into 1” and “load into 2” buttons into the UI somehow. Does that sound like it would be possible? If so, can anyone point me to any docs / tutorial or give me basic info to point me in the right direction to modify skins to do something like that?

Alternatively, any other way to load tracks from the library I may not have thought of would also be welcome.


Does drag-n-drop not work?
tracks can be dropped onto decks, samplers, playlists…
Vice versa you can drag them from decks to other places.

Hmm… The thing is when I’m browsing the library is in full-screen so there’s not really any decks on the screen that I can drag to.

In theory that could work though if I can get the decks displaying somehow at the same time as the library browser.

Thanks for the idea

I think there are mini decks above the big library since Mixxx 2.2.4
they are definitely in Mixxx 2.3

On my Mixxx, if I double-tap a track in the Library (full-screen or part-screen) (using my mouse, admittedly), it will be loaded into the first non-playing deck. Does that not work on the touch-screen?

(Also, I’m highly impressed that you’re running Mixxx on a Raspberry Pi setup! Awesome work! How big is your whole ‘portable DJ rig’?)

Sorry. I missed this post. It’s pretty tiny. It’s a Rpi, a Hercules Starlight and a USB power bank! I’ll post a pic when I’m happy it’s done.

Good tip re double click. That works pretty well actually!


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Glad the double-tap technique worked.

Sounds like an brilliant portable set-up. How big is the screen? And the available music folder? (I’m probably not going to be trying to emulate it any time soon, but I’m just curious!)