Looking for microphone eq sugestions on 2.1.3

Hey Everybody,
I am very new to using Mixxx, but have been using DAWs for several years now. With that being said, I thought it may be easier to inquire here. With my microphone set up, using a Shure sm58, I was wondering if anyone has advice to give me nice big broadcast/voiceover quality vocals. I have seen other posts for voicemeeter and such where people have saved their setting and shared. This would save me a great deal of time as I can’t really listen to my mixes until they are finished as I am broadcasting live through Spreaker with icecast 2 as well as getting ready to do live broadcasts with Real Punk Radio using Shoutcast. Being able to use both of these are my main reason for ditching Reaper and going with Mixxx. I know I can try to pull my VST plugins that I use in Reaper and use Cantabile and Voicemeeter, but that would bring on a ton more CPU and I would like to keep my setup streamlined as possible. Just a tiny bit of reverb and crisping up the tone of the SM58 will do me wonders. It sounds ok. Just a bit muddy and getting a bit lazy on boucing back and forth trying to get the levels set properly. Thanks in advance…

I do broadcasting from mixxx = but use a microphone preamp and then an audio fx processor between the mic and the usb audio interface -
i have no idea what are the ideal setting in mixxx for you = i use a rode broadcaster

I check how the mic sounds in mixxx by using the inbuilt mp3 recorder function - do a quick mic check recording before going on air = play the recorded mp3 back on one of the mixxx decks and if its all good then go to air -

You can add effects to you microphone using the effect units. You can enable them for mic in Deere skin for example with the FX1 or FX2 knob.

Mixxx has a reverb effect.
Which effect do you need for crisping up?
Do you have a reference effect in hardware or a third party sotware that can we take as reference?

Vst plugins are on our wishlist for long. Mixxx 2.2 will support LV2 plugins. But that will probably help only on Linux.