Looking For Mixxx Developer To Partner With

Hello I’m a music producer as well as a inspiring dj. I been using Mixxx for awhile now and I’m highly interested in adding extensions, and modifying it to my music
production company. I have several ideas in which I believe dj’s, artist, rappers, singers, songwriters,etc can benefit from. I’m a music producer so I have no clue on C++, Xml, Visual Studio or The opensource code as a whole. But I truly believe If I can partner and work with a developer on this awesome forum this will be a superior experience.

As far as the marketing, Im also a internet marketer, so this partnership will be based around internet marketing towards a very targeted audience such as artist, dj’s, rappers, singers, songwriters. all of these will benefit from using Mixxx platform. As a music producer I know this type of software can be used by anyone who loves music. So if you breathe and sleep MUSIC & DJ’ing As I Do :smiley: Please message me or even respond with your thoughts or suggestions…Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Hey Man, i’m also a coding defficient producer/DJ.
If your idea is to make a special version of mixxx for yourself or to sell or something, i dont know how well that will work because of the licensing.
Generally, if we have ideas, we just throw them out for people to look at/comment on.

Hey lockonstratos, no it wouldnt be a version to sell but it would be a unique version that has the same source code and modifications of Mixxx. Actually it would still be Mixxx. I’m sure you’ve probably heard of The pitiful “Dj Digital Pro Software”… Well this is not what I’m trying to do. These people have taken Mixxx pllatform as well as source code and made a profit off of it… Just google “Dj Digital Software” and you’ll see… As far as the licensing goes this would be no problem, Mixxx will be the foundation and backbone of this project… My main goal was to add extenstions and multiple other features on Mixxx source code for producers and artist. This would be a partnership or sponsorship type of implementation. For example the end result would be “Product 123 By Mixxx” This is the type of licensing I had in mind… As i said earlier “Digital Dj Pro” hasnt stoled Mixxx sourcecode at all, but they are wrong for not giving credit where its fully due by making a profit off of it… Mixxx is an opensoure code so virtually anyone can modify and re-distribute the code for their own use… But thats not my purpose at all… I want to work with a in house mixxx developer to modify and add features that I persoanlly know artist, producers, songwriters can benefit from… As of now I’m close to working with a programmer but if i can work with a in house programmer such as yourself lockonstratos this would be far more productive…

As a producer i know what artist and songwriters etc need to make their time more productive. Digital Dj Pro is all over the web using Mixxx platform to profit from and giving people adware on their computers… When people download Digital Dj Pro they have advertisements all over there computer, so for every ad thats installed on a persons computer, Digital Dj Pro gets paid… This is dead wrong and this is why I want to utilize and create multiple extensions and add other features to literally blow these guys out the water… The only difference is that this software will not have any type of ads at all, their will be no adware involved at all…

Digital Dj Pro is not relevant to the end user- As a internet marketer, I know the demographics for this type of software including Mixxx… The demographics are artist, rappers, singers, Dj’s, etc… People who see there ads want to make music and mix their audio… But unfortunately they find out the real truth…

So Lockonstratus, one of my ideas out of many would be to integrate Beats,Loops, Synths, Acapellas for users to match up on their own…

  1. There would be a category that would automatically come with Beats, Synths, Loops, Acapellas… These would have multiple as well as the same BPM. Users will then be able to match up these sounds to create Beats. Dj’s and Producers will be able to crank out beats instantly on the spot.
    This category will get updated regulary with new beats, loops, and synths for users to use. So whoever has the software will get updated when theirs new sounds.

  2. To add a step sequencer… This will be more advance but this will also be more relevant to users… This will stand out from the crowd as well… Users will be able to add patterns on top of sync mixes… This would allow anyone to virtually make songs on the spot… Imagine being able to use both decks to mix up some loops and then have the step sequencer looping a beat in the background.

These extensions are just a few of many that I had in mind… I would love to intergrate Beats as a whole with Mixxx… So to sum it up it would be more
like a Beat & Dj platform by Mixxx… Once again unlike the other software as i explained above, I want to partner and sponsor Mixxx. I want this to be an in house development if possible… Mixxx has so much potential its insane… As a music producer I know this will be a exciting adventure to add these extensions and features to mixxx platform with the help of mixxx…

Any ideas or suggestions please let me know… So lockonstratos what do you think??? :slight_smile:

Yeah, I get where you’re coming from, and you have some good ideas too.
I can see myself using that stuff! It might be something to incorporate into mixxx instead of making a new product.
Now, Mixxx wont be any sort of replacement for a DAW (as i’m sure you know), but with a structure like this, you could “play” mixxx like an instrument.
I belive sampler features are coming in a immenint release, maybe when these are refined (beat lock, looping), some loop kits would be in order.

You could set the loops to keep looping until you stop them, and add/remove them to make new songs. then you could load maybe an accapella or fx track onto a “deck” and scratch over your beats.
Maybe something similar to the sample decks in traktor 2, idk.

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yes yes yes you got it right play mixx like an intrument, or like a plug in to be exact. Cross DJ already beat everyone to it and if more people knew about it they would be dominting today…The idea of being able to stay in your Ableton session and drop a track that would contian a mini or stripped down versoin of mixx on the track, you could get a two deck mixer wkka. Something along the lines of say to audio tracks grouped together with mixxx ont and be able to use something like a mini player, mixxx without any of the library basically, thus enabling you to use loops and pharses being triggered in Live to route into the mixxx plug in where you would get a real time view of the wave forms and the ability to use the features and capabilities and effects of mixxx to mix or blend, swap audio and run though dj effects and filters before being routed back out…You make it link to live and could even just use the current mixxx app but a mini dual wave turntable graphic controlled by midi controllers would be best so that you can work with in on encompassing app that gives even more userability becasue rex and ableton are able to connect to and use so many types of input and output source and it’s ability to route tracks to tracks and busses and all sorts of other capabilities that make it the best choice to use in conjunction with almost any other proprietary software/hardware with such ease. it’s deisgned for live performance so it’s already got that real time ability built into it and survive because of it being so versatile in terms of connections and work around ability, like the use of Max, which in terms of a program like mixxx could be great becasue people are already making there own effects and what not so by being able to intergratee with maxx takes the aspect of user made dj effects and adds to the ability of mixxx…This is what makes cross dj, and virtual dj desirable respectfully, so being able to use mixxx as a vst like cross dj would instanlty also add the ability to use max for live along with mixxx which is what makes virtual dj so attrartive is the user built effects and skins. Then all that is left to compete with Serato and Rekordbox is the ability to connect to and utilize so many vairiants of hardware…the other aspet that makes serato and rekordbox such staples is their analyzing ability. something that cross dj actual does even better analysis then they do, but it’s nice the way rekordbox seperates into phrases and gives the quick and easy ability to mark hotcue’s and such so edit with flip and and things like that become far easier to use and make use of… So i agree expanding the type of things mixxx is used for and have plugin types extras like a remix live loop beat maker, sequencer, etc. sounds super dope, i just discovered this software and immediately recognize the need for me learn java and html better for making my own customizations.