Macbook Pro runs very hot when using Mixxx

Nothing else has this effect. Even if it just sits idle, Mixxx causes my machine to run very hot. Any reasons? Any fixxx?


Which version of Mixxx are you using? Please try 2.3 beta instead of 2.2.4.

Using 2.1.8! Will I lose any settings, lists, etc if I upgrade?

From the manual: 2. Getting Started — Mixxx User Manual

You may safely install Mixxx on top of any previous version. You don’t need to uninstall the old version.

Your settings and library will not be removed or reset, but they may be upgraded when you launch the new version of Mixxx. Note that we do not guarantee that new configurations will work on older versions of Mixxx, therefore you may want to make a backup of your existing settings just in case.

OK, thanks. I have a radio show tonight, so I’m not willing to risk any glitches, so I’ll install it tomorrow. I’ll let you know how it works.

Oh, one further question: Are the files I need to save just the Mixxx folder in Application Support? I’m a novice at Mac OS, and where it deviates from Windows I get uncertain.

the settings folder holds several config files, controller mappings, custom skins as well as your database.
See the wiki for the version-dependent locations:

Mine has only run hot whenever I do a rescan of my library. Maybe try 2.2.4 and see if that helps…

2.2.4 has exactly those issues of high CPU.
don’t use it.
use 2.3

I can’t afford a problem while I’m working (2.3 not being ‘stable’). Can’t use 2.2.4 on a Mac. Any idea when 2.3 stable might be rolled out?

2.3beta is being used in pro environment without major issues for quite some time now (over a year). As far as we know there are no major bugs left (no crashes, severe database corruption or alike). Last performance bugs like high CPU with missing track cover files have been resolved.
It is about to be released.
What was holding it back lately were annoying issues popping up on Linux related to audio codecs and visual issues due to broken external packages, as well as Windows packaging issues IIRC.

I suggest you give it a spin.
In the end it’s like with every app: even if considered “stable” there will always be issues, be it bugs in the app or changing environments, like the infamous Windows or macOS updates screwing up audio latency or waveform rendering for example. Thing is: they’ll be discovered and fixed if people use the app. The more users, the faster that will happen.
So, if everyone waits for a 110% stable app, that’ll likely never arive : )

OK, I downloaded the beta. Tried installing it, but I get an error ‘Mixxx quit unexpectedly’. Downloaded it again - same thing. Is there anything special I need to do to upgrade Mixxx? Get rid of the old version?

When I try to Reopen after the error, it returns File Not Found.

The downloaded dmg fails to install?
Did macOS offer you something like “more info” or other helpful output?
which macOS version?

Note that on the download site you can also get an SHA256 checksum to verify the download.
I didn’t expect corrupt downloads nowadays, but exactly that caused me some headaches recently, with a Zip file downloaded with Chromium (same source worked fine with firefox afterwards), so I recommend verifying the download to rule out file corruption.

The dmg goes through the motions. When I double click the new icon, the error pops up (this is before the install is finalized - or so it seems)
There is a full report to send to Apple. Lotsa stuff in it.
Using 11.4

I’m not sure I know how to verify a checksum. I execute the shasum command and it returns a value. Now, do I need to execute the same command on the .sha256sum file that I downloaded? I try that, but I get different values each time I try either command. Or I’m doing it all wrong…
Like I said, Mac OSx is new to me.

Just download the DMG and the sha256sum file, then run this in a terminal:

$ shasum -a 256 -c putthefilenamehere.sha256

It should tell you “OK” if the file has been downloaded correctly.

Yeah, I didn’t understand the command syntax. Now I’ve got it right, & the 2 checksums agree.

Could you share that, please?