Making Loops Samples

Is there any way you can take a loop from a track and make it a sample clip? I doubt it, but I think that would be pretty spectacular.

Yesish. There are a couple ways to do this… Not sure if any of them are what you want though. Here’s what could be done off the top of my head:

We could record cue points at the loop start and loop end. Then we can load the track into a sampler and cue up the loop start and enable the loop with points beginning at the start and ending at the end cue point. This would have to consume hotcue points (we have 37 of them per track) in the library, but that’s about it. The advantage here is that we could call this track up again and again to the sampler and have these points ready. We could even recode the behavior of the hotcue buttons in the sampler to enable specific loops in the track. Bad news is that this doesn’t just load the loop you want into a sampler. But this is also expected behavior for a sampler.

That’s the only idea I have actually. I think to avoid colliding with existing hotcues, we should start making loop hotcue markers starting at hotcue 37 & 36, then always checking if they exist, dropping down by two, and checking again until we have no conflicts.

Looking at the documentation, I can’t find another way to do this. Track loading loads a whole track. We can’t load part of one. The only backend improvement I can think of would be displaying cuepoint labels in the UI.

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maybe recording the loop in a temporary file, load it to the sampler, and delete it when the sample deck stop using it, might work ?

anyway, the two techniques look nice, the important thing to me is to have a single button to load the loop into the sampler. Can you confirm this feature don’t exist for now ?

Thx a lot ! :slight_smile: