Manually adjusted BPM keeps resetting when track is played

Hi Mixxxers! I just learned about this software after using Traktor for years and I’m happily switching over to Mixxx. I’ve also just run into my first annoying bug/problem/new user issue. It goes something like this:

A track I made detects at the wrong BPM and I enter the Properties window to manually adjust it to the correct BPM.

I load the track into a Deck and hit play.

The BPM resets itself to the original number the analyzer came up with.

What am I doing wrong here? It happens every time I’ve tried to change the BPM. Everything I’ve searched in these forums says you only need to change the BPM in the properties window, no other steps or settings… So is this a bug or me just making a noob mistake?

And huge thanks to any and all who can help out! :smile:

Okay I figured it out. Apparently you have to also choose LOCK BPM from the change BPM menu to keep it from resetting each time.

Do you have “Assume constant tempo” unticked in the Preferences menu?

If you do, it is possible that the BPM being displayed on the track is the BPM it ‘thinks’ the track is at the current play position - you may notice this go up and down if the tempo is non-constant (usually anything recorded not by a computer).

If you don’t have it unticked, then I can’t see any reason why the BPM shouldn’t “stick”, even before you press LOCK BPM. It shouldn’t reanalyse the track each time you load it, I don’t think.

The bpm value is only updated if the track is re-analyzed. Please check the re-analyze settings, tracks should not be re-analyzed repeatedly for no reason.

To prevent any automatic changes lock the bpm after you updated it manually.

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