Map jog wheels to search track

Hello, I would like to know if it is possible in Mixxx 2.0.0. to program the jog wheels so that you can place a track exactly at the beginning by moving a wheel back and forth. Kind of like scratching.

Greetings Thomas

yesterday Mixxx 2.3 was released ; )

Which controller are you using? Maybe 2.3 includes a mapping for it. If yes, take a look at the mapping documentation in the manual:

if your mapping doesn’t do that already you can try to map the wheels yourself
Maybe you get this done with the MIDI Wizard, else you need to look how it’s done in other mappings.

I use as a controller the “Behringer CMD-Studio 4a”. I remember this feature was standard on the Behringer BCD 2000. that was long ago …

The Mixxx version corresponds best to my ideas … :slight_smile:

Thx & Greeting