Mapping for Behringer CMD Studio 2a

Hi guys. I just bought the Behringer CMD Studio 2a and i want to use it with Mixxx cuz I like it. I’m new with this job. I done some mapping on the controller but i couldn’t set all the functions and the light change. If someone could help me with a mapping or some tipps I’d be very thankfull. I want to mention that i read the guide for doing mapping but I’m not so god at html or editing in notepad :smiley:

I have the same one and cant get the LED’s and stuff to work either

See the Controller Mapping Documentation. The mapping for the CMD Studio 4a may also be helpful.

I just bought this controller on Ebay, and have started working on a mapping for my use. Sadly the Studio 4a mapping doesn’t seem to be much help - the sysex messages appear to be different across the board.

I’ve been sniffing the sysex messages for the 2A using MIDI Monitor (OSX), and borrowing script functions from a previous mapping that I put together for the Numark DJ2Go. It’s not ready for prime time (and may never be suitable as a true “community mapping”, since I will be repurposing some of the controls), but it’s good enough that I was able to get through a small gig with it last night.

One thing that I don’t know how to do, is sniff out the sysex values for the LEDs. Right now all of the lights on my controller remain on all the time - which is better than having them all be dark, but obviously it would be nice to get some visual feedback. As far as I can tell, the sysex values for the lights on this controller aren’t published anywhere - a half-hour of searching Google and Behringer’s website didn’t turn up any documentation.

Anyone know how to identify the LED values? Or failing that, has anyone written a script that simply iterates through all possible values, turning them on and off? I could try to write a diagnostic tool myself, but it’s not really my area of expertise.

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p.s. if/when I make more progress on my mapping, I’ll publish it here, since something is better than nothing


I found a thread with a very knowledgeable forum user over at DJTechTools: … 40&page=53

I was focusing on trying to turn off the LEDs - it appears this may not be possible with the current firmware. However, it is possible to change the color/behavior for at least some of the buttons. Here’s the relevant snippet from the linked thread:

“The CMD controllers have same input message as their output message. So that means if our PLAY button in the earlier example is sending the message 90 01 7f, then to drive the LED for that button we would send it 90 01 **. ** is variable. 00 is the “off” message (which for CMD usually means no indicator and just the orange backlight). 01 turns on the primary indicator on solid. 02 is the primary indicator color blinking. Some controls have more options available (more colors, etc).”

So far I can change colors on the Cue and Play buttons - going to test everything and see what responds…

Tested all of the buttons (see pic). Only the non-orange ones seem to be addressable - they can be made to either change color, or flash. The other buttons are always orange. No way to turn any of them off afaik.

I beleive that the CMD Series products all use a common firmware, you could have find theses information here : … 1#hardware .


have you made progress with the mapping for the CMD Studio 2a? Would it be possible to share your current status such that I can help working on that?


I’ve been away from this forum for quite a while - the past few years I mostly shifted to mixing on Pioneer XDJs (and Gemini MDJ-500s, which are quite nice for their price point). However, I’ve recently had reason to revive my Mixxx setup, and along the way I finally fixed some bugs in my CMD Studio 2A mapping that had kept it from being release-worthy. This is a pretty niche controller, so I’m not going to do a whole writeup here, but I’m attaching the mapping in case anyone wants to play with it. Feel free to ask questions - I’ll try to keep an eye on the forum if any crop up.

j e f f (5.05 KB)

New version, with a lot more features - this has been tuned to suit my personal mixing style, so some of the buttons will behave differently than expected. Hot cue and sampler sections have been changed to loops and FX; vinyl / mode / folder / file are being used as shift keys to expand functionality of other buttons and knobs. As before, if anyone wants to ask specific questions fire away; otherwise you can just play around, or dig into the scripts file to see what does what.

First of all, many thanks for the work.
I used the mapping and script you sent but I have an issue with the jog… it works while the desk is stopped, but it does not while playing.

I tested this function in other software like VirtualDj just to check this is not a hardware issue.

I am running MIXXX 2.2.4 (build 2.2 r6798)

Something obvious I am missing? any idea?


(1) Now I see that jog works while playing BUT at an extremelly slow rithm.
(2) It does not scratch

Could be of help? Mixxx Wiki - Behringer CMD Studio 2a

Hi beatfix, Im not able to make CMD STUDIO 2a work on MIXXX… If you could guide me would be much appreciate it… Thank you

Wow, after 2 years people have discovered this thread! gorka08, you are correct - the jog is set to make very small adjustments. I use the pitch bend buttons for larger adjustments, then maintain the mix with the jogs once the tracks are locked in. Also, I don’t scratch - my style is built around long, smooth blends.

AlvaroAlcade, I’m afraid I can’t provide general support, but if you have a specific question about how the controls in the script work, I can try to answer it.

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Hi im very new here and I purchased a cmd 2a controller I can get it working in deckadance fine, but I use Mixx, I have download the xml file above and js file installed them but it still will not work, can anyone help please…

Hi do you still have this unit im trying to find the scripts to work with Mixx but my buttons do not change color…