Mapping for Reloop Buddy?

I can’t do mappings for new controllers yet.
So please, if anyone can, make a mapping for Reloop Buddy :slight_smile:
I badly need mixxx to support this controller.
This is hardware page link:
Best regards :slight_smile:

The controller looks rather basic, so I suggest you start mapping the buttons with the MIDI Wizard which has point-and-click mode as well as a menu with all avalibale controls.

Then post your progress here.
from my experience others will jump in if you need help with more advanced stuff like the jogwheels and the loop knobs.

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Zenek is my friend. I’m going to have a reloop buddy controller, so I’ll try to work something with it to make it work with mixxx. Unfortunately, I don’t know Java and I don’t even know if Java is required to map this controller. I will definitely try the way ronso gave.

Great, thanks!
Javascript will be required for the jog wheel function, no matter if you take tge easy route (xml mapping with some js functions) or do it ‘the modern way’ with components-js. For the latter take a look at that wiki and newer mappings, like the Roland 505

Will DJ Graco need any driver after connecting this controller,
for mixxx to detect it correctly?

I don’t know that controller.
Reloop Buddy - Reloop > Downloads lists an ASIO driver for windows, and the site states “MIDI Control” :man_shrugging:
So just go ahead and try it!

My friend Zenek has got this controler. Reloop Buddy has recognised by mixxx when installing the asio drivers. I will try make a basic mapping when I come out from my trip.
Zenek also work with basic mapping.

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I provide basic mapping to reloop buddy.
My colleague discovered that in Roland’s mapping JOG works on the edge and on the Denon 4000MC works on the touch surface, so probably something needs to be replaced in the js file.Reloop-Buddy-by-DJ-GracoZenek.midi.xml (25.1 KB)

More precisely, after loading the mapping
jog act on the touch surface as a search mode,
and on the edge as a vinyl mode.
After loading the mapping
Denon MC4000
Jogs acted on the surface as a vinyl mode,
and on the brink as Pitch Bend.

Do you have those Roland devices?
Otherwise it doesn’t make much sense to load these mappings for the Buddy – different controllers usually send different MIDI signals, even more lkely if they’re from other manufacturers.

Of course I don’t
I just wanted to somehow check if the jog was working.
I just came across these mappings from other companies that reacted with jog, so the signals must be similar, I guess.

I wouldn’t count on that.
Some controllers send 63±1 (forward/backward spin), others send a bigger offset for fast moves.

Start Mixxx from the command line with
--controllerDebug argument to get all incoming and outgoing MIDI/HID values printed in the terminal.

I’ll be reading about it first.

I read the mapping from another controller *.XML file,
also the *.js file
I also read this page:

And I am terrified!
I dream of a controller learning wizard,
which will allow you to do complex mapping.
But such an advanced learning wizard will probably never be built.
I know that learning how to manually map *.js file will give me many new possibilities.
It will probably take me several years to understand this.
Unfortunately I was not born in English,
and machine translation does not help to understand mapping creation.

You should be if you had to write a script from scratch :wink: But fortunately you don’t have to do that.

If it’s about the wheels take a look at other mappings, for example the Reloop TerminalMix or the Reloop BeatMix in mixxx/res/controllers at main · mixxxdj/mixxx · GitHub
Try to understand the basic structure of a js mapping file, e.g. variable declarations at the top, init() + shutdown() function. Then Find the jog wheel function(s) and look how they are linked in the xml.

I’m sure I’m funny
because I tried to brutally copy and paste the mapping fragments.
from another * .js file of the reloop controller
(I only changed “status” & “midino” to those sent by my controller)
Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to get any function working this way.
It turned out that to copy the finished fragments of the * .js file
it is also necessary to understand what is being copied.
I could do keyboard shortcuts very quickly and easily,
but with this mapping I can’t even move from zero point.
Best regards.