Mark all tracks played

I’m wondering if there is a way to mark all tracks in a playlist or history played all at once. I play at a venue where i dont want to repeat what i’ve played at previous sets, so i use the “played” mark when creating new playlists to indicate a previously played song. But all i can find is to do this one song at a time. Would like to be able to highlight a playlist, crate, or history file and click once to mark all of them played if possible. Anyone know if this is possible in Mixx? Or any other way to mark a playlist so i can distinguish them from the rest of the library to achieve the same. Love the software btw…thanks for any help yall can give!

Not yet. There is a Launchpad issue that describes your use case very well:

If you have C++ coding skills this would be a good first task.

unfortunately i cant program :frowning: