Memory Conflict with GarageBand and MIXXX 2.3

The upgrade to macOS 11.0 made the current version of MIXXX impossible to use, and so I had to start using the beta. I run my microphone and opening music through GarageBand, and that used to workk fine with MIXXX 2.2.4 before the update. But using the 2.3.0 beta creates a memory problem with GarageBand, resulting in the application stopping and a “Disk Too Slow or System Overload” message. I have at least 15GB of unclaimed RAM so that’s not an issue. Has anyone else experienced this?

Hi @Randalynn have not tested Mixxx on Big Sur yet as I am still on 10.15, but considering updating in the near future.
With Mixxx 2.3 beta releases I am seeing laggy UI behavior on Catalina. Can you confirm or deny this behavior on Big Sur? Wondering if this could be related.

I’ve noticed a significant slowdown throughout my system using Mixxx and Big Sur, but after Mixxx is shut down, the slowdown continues. Could be linked to the memory issues I have with GarageBand.

This sounds more like a problem with your mac (and maybe GarageBand) than with mixxx to be honest. So if you restart your mac and start mixxx you are seeing the problem already?

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It turns out that it was actually another third-party app that created a conflict with GarageBand — something called Splashtop Streamer. When I stop that app from running in the background, the GarageBand issue goes away. But now I have another issue — mixxx keeps dropping the streaming signal for three to five seconds in the middle of a song, disrupting a set over and over Is there a way to stop that? Some settings I’m not aware of?

Thank you!

I was wrong about Splashtop Streamer … still getting the error. sigh