Metadata from filename not creating Artist-Title?

In previous verions of Mixxx, the library would automatically create Artist & Title metadata from my audio files. This doesn’t seem to be happening in Mixxx 2.3.0 Beta, which I am currently checking out. Everything is being dumped into the title field.

Obviously I can edit the metadata manually, but it’s a bit of a pain.

All affected files are freshly ripped wav files, ripped by me using EAC

All filenames use the form Artist-Title (Album Title).wav e.g. Rick James-Super Freak (Push It).wav

Any ideas?

In previous versions of Mixxx, the only time the library dumped all the metadata into the Title Field was when the filename contained 2 or more hyphens.


Artist/Title separator must be " - " (including spaces) or “-”. A single dash “-” surrounded by characters is not sufficient.

Recommendation: Please tag your files properly. This ugly workaround for untagged files might remove be in a future version of Mixxx.

Check out Musicbrainz if you want to avoid tagging manually:

Every tag editor allows to define a custom pattern for deriving tags from file names.

OK, thank you, I will make sure there are spaces from now on.

I will dig further into EAC to see if it will tag wav files. I always thought that it couldn’t/wouldn’t.

Thanks - I will look into it.

Any tag editor you would recommend? Obviously I can google it, but I’m sure there are hundreds…
Thanks for your help.

Why did this change? Mixxx 2.2.2 creates the tags properly from a single dash surounded by characters.

For me, at least, it is/was an excellent feature of Mixxx that it basically was my tag editor, and would automatically create perfect tags for me from the filenames, without all of the associated crap that often comes with downloading tags from online databases.

I can look for a separate tag editor, especially for future rips, but it would be waaaay more convenient if MIxxx continued to create tags from filenames the way it used to.

Thanks for listening.

Single dashes in names and titles are common and are ambiguous as a delimiter.

We could add a fallback solution if the filename contains only a single dash. But Mixxx is not supposed to be used for tagging magic.

I understand - it’s just another of the great things about the software, that it does so many ‘little’ things so very well.
Thanks for your time.

I like MusicBrainz Picard. Cross platform and pretty easy to use, along with MusicBrainz look up support.

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