Metadata not sent to

We contacted Airtime Pro support for the issue at hand:

*On your site it states:
“Album Art - Airtime Pro will automatically stream album art for the current track in the bottom left corner of the Radio Page. You don’t need to adjust any settings to make this happen. If Airtime Pro can’t find appropriate album art, the album art space will remain blank.”


Kindly advise why the titles and artist don’t show when we broadcast live?

Note that all titles broadcasted as schedule the titles do appear. We did a test with same titles with live broadcast to no avail.

We work with MIXX 2.30 and 2.31 *

Airtime Pro responded:

Blockquote Unfortunately, this is a known issue.
It seems like Mixxx developers changed some Mixxx MP3 Binaries with the latest release, therefore the metadata is not being sent

We will keep investigating and looking if there is a proper solution for that.

Unfortunately, as the only workaround for now - your DJs have the option to roll back to 2.2 Mixxx version, or switch to another Live Broadcasting Software.

Please check this and see if it works for you!

My question is:

  1. Can I still download version MIXX 2.2
  2. If I roll back could it affect my database?
  3. Will this issue be resolved in the very near future, i.e. next version 2.3.1? :wink:
  4. Is there a workaround?

Thank you

Could you please share a screnshot of Preferences > Live Broadasting, the bottom part about encoding and metadata?
Did you try with both dynamic and static metadata?

Here it is

Thank you for assisting us


Just for your information. We tested it on RadioJar and everything is fine. We have advised Airtime.

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Marked as resolved just to signal it apparently is not an issue with Mixxx.