Mic crackling help

Hey, so I’ve just installed mixxx the other day… And I’ve got some issues… well a lot haha.
Firstly, my mic- when it works- has a moderate crackle and then quickly escalades to loud screaming crackle. It does not turn off until I click the talk button again to turn mic off. I dont even need to have my microphone unmuted. If i press that talk button, it starts. Muted or unmuted. Please help!
Secondly, I’ve got headphones, and my pc plugged into my tv as a monitor. (Separate headphones and mic, not combined) Well sometimes my audio from Mixxx randomly runs through my tv when headphones are selected output. Help lol!
Thirdly, when I open Mixxx, it mutes my discord calls. Like I can’t even listen to the call, and they cant hear me. Its annoying as hell. Please help lol