Mic distorted on live broadcast

I’m using Windows 10 on a Dell laptop. My mic is a Yeti Blue. I’ve used this same equipment for 8 months with no problem. Yesterday I started to do my broadcast and my mic audio was distorted. I’m using Mixx 2.2.4. I tried a different mic, same results. I tried on my desktop same results. Any suggestions? My show is on hold until this is resolved. Thank you.

Does it work in other programs? Just to rule out that it isn’t broken.

Hello, well a new motherboard and sound card were put on my laptop. A tech suggested to put a preamp interface on with an upgraded microphone. Same result. I mentioned the same thing happens on my desktop as well as on my laptop. I had the computer store do a complete scan of my laptop and everything is in order. Don’t know what else to do.

It was working great for 8 months, then right in the middle of my show everything I was speaking through the microphone had a distortion to it.

Does it work in other programs? Just to rule out that it isn’t broken.

I have had the same issue, mic works fine on all other platforms, but for mixxx its disorted and stactic

I never had this issue with Mixxx before my Windows updated. Microphone works perfectly fine on all other applications, however Mixxx does seem to be an issue.

Increasing the delay from 23.2ms to 46.4ms worked with the distortion, however it’s not the most ideal solution to this. I’d much rather get back to 23.2ms as that works the best for me personally. Hopefully the issue can be found and fixed.

tried reinstalling the software etc, nothing has changed on it, but now i still have the distortion plus voice overs don’t make it through to the other side and i can’t hear what i am playing.

try to increase the audio buffer.
and maybe take a look at the Mixxx manual to be sure you set everything up correctly.

all settings are good, nothing that would cause these issues, even when i close down mixxx and reopen, it keeps saying that my mic isn’t connected and to reconfigure even though it is configured and set. i keep having to disconnect my mic and plug it back in.

my post was meant for the issue @perryrmau described.