Mic ducking in Mixxx 2.2.4

Wasn’t sure where to post this question…

Recently rebuilt my machine (Mint 20.1). Installed Mixxx 2.2.4 from the ppa. Previously using Mixxx for a couple of years.

In Mixxx 2.2.4, the mic ducking seems to have changed?

It used to be quite ‘aggressive’ in applying the compressor and releasing it. Used to be almost instant.

Now, it takes a second or so to duck the track that’s playing, and takes a couple of seconds to release.

I’ve looked through the menus, and the config files, for a setting to change this, but can’t find one?

I started Mixxx in developer mode in the hope of finding a control I could add to a config file, but couldn’t find one?

So two questions, I guess?

Is there a setting somewhere to change this, and I’ve just not found it?

If not, can someone tell me where the relevant values are in the source? (So I can try and change them there, and then compile Mixxx from source instead…)

(I’ve looked through the source code - but I’m no programmer! I just got confused trying to figure out which file it might be in, and couldn’t find it in the ones I looked at.)

It wouldn’t surprise me if there’s an obvious way to do this? But I am clearly not smart enough to find it!

Anyway - hope that makes some sort of sense…?

In Mixxx 2.2 and 2.3 there’s no way to tweak the ducking settings, but we already have a bug for that:

source code is here (and related files)

That’s really helpful, thank you. So I know now it’s not just I couldn’t find the setting!

Hopefully I can find what I’m looking for in the source code.

Thank you so much for pointing me in right direction :slight_smile: