Mic is disconnecting several times a day

My Mixx keeps disconnecting the mic feature, pronting me to resratr the computer several time a day, is there any type of support for this problem?

when asking such questions please provide at least the essential facts:

  • what is your operating system
  • which Mixxx version do you use
  • what kind of mic do you have, how is it attached
  • what other apps are possibly trying to access your mic? under which circumstances does the error occur?

Mixxx doesn’t prompt you to restart your computer. What exactly is the error message?
Do you really restart your computer or just Mixxx?

My operating system is windows 10
The Mixx is 2.2.4
I use a condenser mic connected to a mixer usb console
I only use the mic fir the radio station

What are the possibility for you to do a Team Viewer with me to help resolve this problem, the Mixx is working perfect, but tomorrow I must restart the computer because some how the mic stop working

Thank you
Lino Roldan

Mixxx 2.3 is available, please upgrade.
I recommend making a backup of the settings folder in case you experience issues with 2.3 (for example there was a bug with autodj discovered) and want to go back to 2.2.4

Si when is the 2.3 auto Dj bug is going to be fix?


When someone fixes it.