Microphone cracks

Every time I broadcast with MIXX, the microphone cracks.

This problem is only with MIXX, how can I fix it?

you probably need to increase your audio buffer in Preferences > Sound Hardware
as usual, you’ll find detailed info in the manual:

This is a problem I’ve been having with Mixx since day one. I tried numerous adjustments, but nothing seemed to work… but per the suggestion by ronso, I increased the audio buffer and that seems to have resolved the problem. The manual suggests a range between 23-64 ms being acceptable if you are using Mixxx with a keyboard/mouse or a controller. However, the buffer sizes are preset when you make the adjustments. Mine was originally set to 21.3. I selected the next larger size of 42.7 and that appears to have stopped the cracking. I’ll know for sure during my next live broadcast.

FYI: I’m using Mixx 2.3.0, Windows 10 Pro, and a Realtek HD Mic.

Glad it’s working out. Realtek HD mic hey, are you using the onboard laptop mic?

It’s also good practice to select the better sound api which can affect Mixxx’s performance on your PC.