Midiscript: automatic soft fade in or fade out with a button?

is an automatic soft fade-in or fade-out possible over X seconds with one push of a button?

ist ein automatisches sanftes einblenden oder ausblenden über X Sekunden mit Einem Tastendruck möglich?

nope, there’s no helper function for that purpose,yet. however, you may create one in common-controller-scripts.js
see the wiki for proper timer usage, and maybe also the AutoDj processor code (c++)

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You can enable autodj, then press SHIFT+F11 to trigger a transition. I don’t know if it’s available as a control object, too, but if not it should be trivial to add.

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right, the AutoDJ controls.

AutoDJ is definitely not what I’m looking for. Then I’ll have a look at the bug tracker and maybe make a feature request

btw this request is covered by Bug #995950 “Allow using “Fade Now” button even if Auto DJ is no...” : Bugs : Mixxx

I’d say this is the only way to go right now: enable AutoDJ, engange fade, disable AutoDJ.
you just need to set up the AutoDJ preferences to make this work, because IIRC it can only be enabled when there’s at least one item in the AutoDJ playlist.